Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 56-55 Loss to Oakland

First Joey is not coaching
Second they have nothing to lose they put a new qb end and r just letting it fly at home

Oh, my bad!!! Maybe you can explain to me why all these teams that fired their coaches are all of a sudden being competitive and winning then?

Same chit applies. If will have a defense then we will have pics and stops

I agree. I want coach B to do great but last night was just another example of how he struggles at getting these kids over the hump and into that next tier of really good teams. After we came out at half and took the lead I thought we might see it. Kind of like Eddie’s old teams, once you got them down then you gotta step on their throat. But no we let them back in and started playing slow and sloppy, doing exactly what got them in such a hole in the first place. In my opinion that’s on coaching. Then the last play was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Down 1 with 8 seconds, you HAVE to take the ball inside and get the high percentage shot and hope to draw a foul if you can’t get a good shot. Driving and dishing for a contested 3 unnecessary and just bad basketball IQ.

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It is 100% printed on. Look at the OSU Union site they’ve got other shirts available to the public with the logo.

Really? Which ones?

TCU fires Patterson and beats #11 Baylor. Texas Tech fired Wells while going 1-3 in their last four games and all of a sudden they beat Iowa State.

Tcu just got absolutely embarrassed by us, Texas tech got completely embarrassed by ou so I don’t get your point

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I think he wants to fire gundy before bedlam and make Knowles coach to see if luck will win out