Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 56-55 Loss to Oakland

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The Golden Grizzlies stormed Eddie Sutton Court.

It will be interesting to see how the team responds on Sunday. They obviously were not expecting this game to be a fight.
Like last year they looked really bad playing against zone defense. If I was coaching I would have told Walker to stop shooting those 3’s from the corner since it was not his night. I would have tried taking into the paint and get more free throws. I was very impressed with Oakland. Not worried about the Cowboys because they have a lot of talent. They just need to be coached up.

I don’t understand how we were not prepared for the style of play Oakland wanted to play. They destroyed WVU on the boards earlier this week and they did it again tonight. Lots of poor player execution as well. Make the goddamn FTs and we win easy.

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The one thing that drives me crazy. Seems like that’s been a consistent issue with Mike Boynton’s teams.


And it shouldn’t be an issue. They’re called FREE throws for a reason

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I’m no expert joe like u. Do we call this a bad loss.

When is boone getting back.

What was up with Boynton’s American flag lapel pin? Was that a political statement? I hope not.

It was Veterans Day and the university has hosted activities all week in conjunction with that theme, including at tonight’s football game. Wearing the flag pin is likely a nod to Veterans Day.

I understand that. But his lapel/flag was upside down.

Didn’t seem like it is the type of pin that could “slip” or turn on its own.

Upside down flag

It’s printed on like that. The grey football uniforms we wore a few years ago against Kansas have the same thing.

Boy all them 5 stars.

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Same issues every year with Boynton teams. No accountability for playing dumb, turnovers, bad shots, and using time outs when appropriate. This team like others will win when they get hot, not because of execution and defense. Thompson and Cissee may have labeled as five stars in HS, and I think both are nice players, but neither are program changers like a fellow 5 star Cunningham.


Lots of disappointing decision making last night, both from the players and coaches:
Anderson acted like he’d never seen a zone defense before.
Down by 1 point, and Ice dishes outside for a 3 point shot?
Keylan Boone seems to be one of our best outside shooters, and he only plays 15 minutes versus a zone defense?
As others have pointed out, no excuse for shooting 50% from the free throw line. That alone cost us the game.

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Nope. Don’t think so. That was a pin and I choose to believe it just “spun” on him and nobody fixed it for him.

Yeah it’s a bad loss maybe. I gotta see what Oakland does the rest of the year. Right now I kind of equate it like a Gundy loss to Central Michigan.

The stars and blue portion of the American flag was backwards on our Army uniforms. I think you are just looking too deep into it.

U mean Oakland mite have a break out year like Tulane and Indiana

No, they might be like UTSA or Cincinnati. Won’t really know until the end of the season.

I like how ur predicting good teams now wait till they got 9 wins. U may not have a Tulane debacle

Maybe you can explain to me how Tech’s coach is in his first game as a college head coach with 28 points in the first half already against ISU? Then we have a coach that’s been around for 17 years and can only find a way to score 21 against them the entire game?