Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 57-56 Victory against TCU

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Rondel Walker got going.

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I didn’t know Rondel lost a contact. Maybe we should take the same one from him from now on. The crowd or lack of finally got into it the last four minutes. It was a hard fought win for sure.

I have never been one to complain about the refs in any sport. I am pretty sure I watched at least three travels on TCU that weren’t called. One the Ref just stood there in disbelief kind of like he lost his ability to whistle and his jaw was hanging down. I sit around some pretty passionate fans that were just going off on the Refs. There was a couple of times Dixon should have bee T’d up for being on the court.

Another very poorly officiated game against both teams. Virtually a whistle on every trip down the court, ruined what could have been a very entertaining game. Watching the replay, with the advantage of being able to play back called fouls, was very telling on the poor officiating