Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 61-59 Victory over No. 12 Iowa State

■■■■ you can’t post unless it’s crying about football !! There are other posts you can cry about on here. IT’s basketball season joy

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I know we’re talking about basketball. We lost players to the portal last season.

Never said anything about football jackass. Try to pay attention if you can.

Why the portal comment idiot ? Who’s portaled out in basketball this year ? Try staying up joy

I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place. Just pointing out that we lost some potential good talent in basketball last season and replaced it with G5 guys. Now stop being a troll and leave.

It’s a free board joy, the “ G5 “ as you like calling them can be better than losing one kid. Boones brother never contributed much, the point was a liability

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You still lose depth and you haven’t potentially replaced that player with someone who maybe equal or better. That’s the point I’m making. You’re really bad at making assumptions.

You think Muhammad and Harper aren’t replaceable ? Ford could have a good year, he’s never made it through one not injured JT was a favorite of mine but time for him to go try. Cobb wanted closer to home

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