Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 64-55 Victory against Oklahoma

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On OSU’s bigs, defensive adjustments and the Cowboys’ bounce-back.

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Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra eagled his last hole and Pokes win by 1 in Hawaii!


Good news about golf score. This blog is weak in golf coverage.

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Finally, we get to again see what a Cowboy team should look like, defense and offense. Not sure why the balls that Ice throws up seem to not want to stay inside the basket. I would not have played Bryce Williams for that many minutes just returning from an injury. Kalib working his way back into the lineup as he lights it up. Avery still playing just a tad bit too fast at times. Cowboys fighting their way into the paint, they would not be denied today. Can’t afford to have Bryce Thompson continue that kind of foul trouble. And what can we say about Cisse? He shined, looked strong and quite an offensive output from him.

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Down goes the gooners!!! Good win boys!

Cisse had his best game of the season today, by far. He looked like he has been working hard in practice to develop the hand and eye coordination, timing and touch on the ball to handle it inside. If he keeps this up, he will become an unstoppable monster down the stretch. Just keep shooting at least a hundred free throws a day to improve that 55%. Good to see Kalib returning to his inside game and flying slams. Defense was very good today, and for the most part, the refs let them play.

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It was really sloppy play at times but fun to watch.

I couldn’t buy a bucket. Have to feel for him.

That was a really big surprise seeing that John Higgins decided not to call soft fouls. He usually seems to come down on the Cowboys way too much, but not in this game for some reason. Maybe he had somewhere else to go to after the game and wanted it over as soon as possible?
Really looking forward to seeing Cisse next season. He will weigh more, be stronger, and will be quite a force. I hope coach can find some high-level talent in the portal to surround him.

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