Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 64-59 Victory against Kansas State

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The Pokes add conference win No. 2 against K-State.

is “plus/minus” just a PFB thing? or a nationally recognized stat? how is it calculated?

It’s well known, and is used nationally also in the NBA. It literally goes off the score of the game. So if OSU is down 12-4 and Waters checks in and they go on a run and tie up the score 12-12 then waters checks out, he would have a +8. They do this all game and come up with the final number at the end. It was good to see Anderson back. I didn’t know he was hurt until they said it on the board cast. He is quick and plays great defense, throws up some wild shots sometimes but love his energy. Good game by the whole team though nice road win!

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You’ve never heard of plus minus. It’s all over america baby. NBA uses it. Well known stat.

We have actually played well last 3 games. I like how we have changed to offense. too bad we didn’t run this offense the whole year. Also getting Likele healthy helps as well. I’m hoping the Boone twins both start playing half the games. Need them to play great next year!

Hold your horses everyone we beat 2 of the worst teams in this league. I’m astonished that MB and staff continue to struggle with putting the best players on the floor.