Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 65-50 Loss to Kansas

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Where does the scoring come from?

Our team has no identity or philosophy. One thing we all loved about Sutton’s teams was that they would grind on the defensive end. Which kept games close, and we were always in games against much more talented teams. This team works on the defensive end, but doesn’t seem to have philosophy. On a consistent basis, they don’t crash the boards, get in your face on man-to-man, or just get dirty on the D.

The lack of D translates into an uneventful, 3 points shooting team that doesn’t have any flow…we shoot the 3 without having a threat anywhere else. Steph Curry wouldn’t do well in this offense if there isn’t a threat somewhere else.

I don’t want to be the fan that goes nuclear after losing a game that we “should” lose. But this team is a dumpster fire / sh1t show.
Teams are supposed to get better as the season progresses, not worse. This team is much much much MUCH worse than they were in November.
I don’t expect Yor to have a great night when going up against that monster - but how does everyone else disappear like that?
Why does this team keep taking horrible 3 after horrible 3?
Why doesn’t HCMB tell McGriff to stop shooting 3’s? Eddie sure as hell would have (while he sat on the bench).

We all love HCMB, we love the recruiting - he seems to be a stand-up dude that we’d all have a beer with. But if he doesn’t get it done next season with superman coming onboard - I think he’ll be unemployed (or SHOULD be at least)

Mike Boynton is a great recruiter but I am starting to fear that he is a lousy coach.

The game was a disaster all the way around scoring about 7 points the first 12 minutes. But what really got me the most…was when Dodson got 2 fouls sat out and when he came back in with about 6 minutes left in the first half, no one went after him! He is already average on defense but with 2 fouls even the announcers were saying why don’t they go right at him. Can only be two reasons for this embarrassment, either the players weren’t aware or have a high enough basketball IQ to realize it (which would be sad) or our coach is so incompetent that he didn’t realize it which is unbelievable if true (which is hard for me to say because I like him) I highly doubt he knew it, told them to drive on him and they refused just didn’t. It seems small but it’s a microcosm of what this team is! Just flat out sad