Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 65-57 Loss to No. 11 Kansas State

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On a drought, Kalib Boone and getting over the hump.

We will be waiting for the break through.

The honest assessment is this: we play hard, but not smart. We turn the ball over way too much and we foul far too often. Our offensive sets are predictable and easy to defend; our ballhandlers aren’t good enough with the ball to attack.

Last night, I looked at the baseball schedule. The season starts Feb. 17.

I don’t want to give up on Boynton’s team, but I am no longer compelled to follow as religiously as I have followed because I already know the outcome.


At this point, you could copy and paste these five thoughts for pretty much every game. Probably NIT bound.

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Only OSU fans are content with losing less each year rather than actually winning. Boynton is so bad. And last night the announcers kept using the word “elite” to describe Boynton, the defense, and individual players. If we are so “elite” then why can’t we win??? Why is Boynton 14 games under 0.500 in conference play in his 6 years??? Boynton is a hell of a recruiter, but he just can’t handle the Xs and Os. We need a coach with experience that can bring this team together. Being an OSU fan sucks.

Baseball can’t get here fast enough!!!

Can’t argue with any of that. Maybe for me the reason I would give him alittle bit more is he did get us to the post season. He’s had some bad luck during these 6 years. He can recruit. He’s salary is pretty cheap. Out of all of this he seems to be everything that gundy is not as far as showing us how hard he is working and letting us in on what he is thinking and talks about winning championships and how that’s his number 1 goal. He does not make himself bigger than the program and he does not distance himself from the fan base. Hard not to root for a coach like that.

Man, that postseason was a fluke. He hired the brother of the best player in the country so we could recruit Cunningham. That team could have done so much more. They also could have coached themselves and made it as far as they did. What has he done since then? In the other 5+ years, what has he done? NOTHING.

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I get it, not much but middle of the pack. I’m just saying it’s basketball that isn’t the cash cow and if it was I would be yelling for his job last year.

He’s teams always get better towards the end of the season and to get to the turny in this league is be middle of pack and then anything could happen. I would give him this year and if he does make coaching changes at the end of the year then 1 more to see if things change offensively and if they don’t cut him loose.

IDEA: Boynton and his staff need to revert back to wearing jackets and ties. Change the mojo up a bit…

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Agree, they need to try anything and everything. Desperate times call for desperate measures

Maybe the team mite do what he wants if he looked like a coach. Lol.

We all know he can’t coach like a real coach.