Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 66-62 Loss to Oklahoma

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On an ugly game, free throws and the future of Bedlam

Ground Hogs Day

  1. 16% from 3.
  2. The key play at the end was Small dribbling around to get a shot.
  3. 2 and 8 in games <5 points.


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Four-point loss that was never in doubt.

You mean to tell me you have no faith in a team that loses 90% of 5 point games?

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The key thought that trumps all thoughts, OK State’s Head Coach is beyond inept!

Between him and the fool Head Coach at Louisville, OK State and Louisville are trying to out do one another with whose inept coach can do more damage and sink their basketball program to lows never before imaginable.

Possibly Holder knows someone at Louisville and offered his expertise there as well!!!

Silver lining: we don’t lose again until Saturday.