Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 66-64 Loss to Notre Dame

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Different day, same result.

We’re just not a good team right now. We have no identity. We have no system. If you can’t coach offense, then teach these men to get down and dirty on defense and on the boards. For the love of God, spend countless hours on free-throw shooting. When in doubt, drive the ball into the opposing big men and get them in foul trouble (who cares if they block one or two).

Pretty much sums up most of Boynton’s tenure

Charismatic, awesome recruiter, …


This team is so ass it’s unbelievable. 1-3 is just comical.

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The sky is not falling.
If no injury to Bryce, we win both games and then get blown out by Auburn.This is not the lineup we would see if we didn’t have all those injured guys.
But it does seem to show that Boynton has had a lot of bad luck in Stillwater. So I think for that alone you cut him after this season. Our defense looks horrible outside of Q. I doubt we get to the tournament.

Things have gone from bad to worse. Poor Free throw shooting, incompetent final shots, poor shooting, weak defense …all staples of Mike Boynton hoops. Creighton is going to dismantle us.

Boot him after the year

I say cut him mid-year. The hoops program is simply dead. We are the B12 doormat. Thanks to whoever authorized this coaching contract that overpays a terrible coach. Weiberg needs to fix this sooner than later.

On offense the players look completely out of sync. Lots of standing around and looking like “what do I do next?” No constant motion. On defense the players do not know how to switch on a screen…or just run into each other…you get the impression that there is no coaching going on. The players never appear to be on the same page…NEVER!!!
They look like a school-yard pick up team that has never played together…lots of just standing around.
Whatever we are paying the coaches…we are not getting our money’s worth. Time to change horses before it gets worse. Or maybe it cannot get any worse.

These players are too talented to be playing this bad as a team. They need to have a coach that knows what he is doing. That does not seem to be the case right now. The results we have seen this week speaks for itself.

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There only needs to be one thought. Love Boynton as a recruiter, a man and ambassador but this is a poorly poorly coached team and I don’t see it changing with him at the helm.

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