Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 66-64 Loss to St. Bonaventure

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Another rough loss for the Cowboys.

I sat down and watched this game, probably the reason why we lost.


Boynton better be sleeping with one eye open at this point.

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We have no offensive plan, it seems. I love Boynton…but this HAS to improve! Too much talent to look so disorganized and undisciplined.


I’m for firing him after this year if he can’t make it to the dance. He’s teams have all played the same no matter who he has on the court. It’s like the same season every year can’t hit free throws, loose enough in the beginning of the season to where we have to go far in the big twelve turny to get a shot to get in the dance. Offense always goes in shooting woes for to long in a game but we always get better as the season goes on but drop a few at the end of the year. He’s to easy on his guys with no fire. The man can recruit tho.


Same ole. Poor % of 3’s ; Poor % on free throws. (isn’t Keaton Paige a coach?)
No offense and Bryce wasn’t in to make his own shot down the stretch.
It will be long season.

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This has to be Boynton’s last year. I guess you let him finish the season, but after this year he’s got to go. Everybody loves him but you have to win. We’ll see what Weiberg does with his first big time hire. He needs to get it right. It hasn’t been right for 20 years.

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Half court offense is brutal. Not playing the old school OSU defense. Recruits a bunch of talent but the pieces never seem to fit. It sucks he had to deal with the NCAA stuff. All things considered I think he’s had enough time and it’s time to move on.

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This roster has talent but something is missing. If they can’t make foul shots they are doomed in conference play and surely will cost Boynton’s job.
I am impressed with the progress that Q. Has made. A bright spot. Not sure why Small was off tonight.
Chad needs to start checking on which coaches might be available for next season. Have to bring in a coach with proven track record. Pay the ransom and get quality in return. I’m not blaming Boynton for this loss. It just seems that his teams are not going to turn the corner, and regardless of the talent, the results look the same. These early losses are going to keep the Pokes out of the Big Dance again. Having a team with multiple McDonald’s players should look better than what we are seeing.

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Lots of talent , plenty to win games. Boneheaded mistakes…. tell me an Eddie team with a 4 point lead with 2 minutes left loses a game

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Seems like our offensive plan is to run the shot clock below :10 then force up either a contested 3-pointer, drive out-of-control and throw something up, or turnover the ball.

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Boynton seems to get less with more than anybody.


At this point, I think @PistolsFiring should start shifting their focus to the women’s basketball team. They deserve the attention. Start doing a Five Thoughts on their games.

Team chemistry is more important in basketball than football, so with only three returning players that will take a while. It’s probably better that they’re playing Notre Dame rather than getting their doors blown off my Auburn.

Then you should probably by for firing him then. Because I would bet my next paycheck he starts the non conference schedule off at .500 at best.

this has to be the last season for Boynton. the man can recruit, no question, and might make a capable assistant coach, but watching that game it’s the same old crap we’ve seen every season except for the Cade season. He’s not a head coach.

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Zero interest in watching today’s game. Gonna be a long winter!

Its clear that someone has to go. I don’t know the breakdown of the assistant coaches to understand who’s responsible for the offensive sets, but something has to change soon, or they are all gonna be shown the door.

What does Keiton being a coach have to do with players making their FTs? You guys put WAY too much emphasis on the coaching for things like making free throws. That is 1000% on the players. You don’t think the team shoots free throws in practice? They can hit them all day in practice but if they can’t hit them when it counts, that’s on the player, not the coach. Plus, just because Keiton could shoots the lights out doesn’t mean he can coach others to do the same.

In general, when it comes to actual coaching, there’s no excuse for Daily not being more involved down the stretch. Those last two plays couldn’t have been what was drawn up. Or at least I hope not. But all things considered, nobody would be complaining had that shot by Small gone down at the buzzer. It was painfully close. But then this article wouldn’t have had nearly as many comments because people love misery.

This team has some really good pieces - our size has never been better or more talented since Boynton came along, and Small is an actual point guard as opposed to Bryce or JMW. Going back to coaching, if we could take advantage of our assets with some…I don’t know…actual offensive sets, then maybe we can turn this around.


I recollect Paige shot over 90% on free throws and 40% of 3s in his career.
Free throws are about consistency in motion and frame of mind on the approach.
3’s are a lot about shot selection and mechanics.
I recall that Keaton did both quite well in his career and wondered about his role in this instruction.
If he was just a talent and can’t coach, what is his role on the staff?