Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 66-64 Overtime Loss to No. 10 Baylor

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On the circus shot, free throws and OSU continuing to fight.

Wow, yes you should have a play set up for these situations. A ice 3? Really LOL. Yea you didn’t want the defense to get set but not your offense ok.

I’ll hammer Boynton on this one. Why would you not call a timeout and try to set up different options? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There are ways to beat a zone defense and more than one way to do it. Looks to me like they were already set up on defense on the last possession anyway.

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Make. Your. Dam. FREE THROWS!!


I tried watching the game on Espn3 the next day and it was broadcast in Spanish?
What is going on with that? Anybody know?

Why did you use ESPN3? It was on ESPNs normal channel since it was a Big Monday game. Should’ve been available there.

Thanks for telling me. I stopped watching the replay at half-time because I had enough of the rapid speaking Spanish grating on my nerves. So tomorrow I will watch second half on ESPN.
Too bad Cowboys have still not been coached well enough to beat the zone defense. Every coach knows that is how to stop a Cowboy team that is on fire with offense.

Just checked the ESPN app. They have both the Spanish and English broadcasts uploaded. Should be good to go when you decide to watch the rest.

I just went to Espn and again I only found it in Spanish.

Weird. Shows both for me on the app. ESPN for English and ESPN3 for Spanish.

I don’t have the app, I watch on computer