Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 67-64 Victory against Wichita State

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Cade did it again.

Far from perfect but still a W. Hopefully we see a better performance against TCU.

Can’t wait to hear Robert’s opinion on how Cade only scored 10 points today and claiming Boynton doesn’t know what he’s doing while simultaneously riding Gundy’s nuts about how well of a game Gundy coached today against Baylor’s third (fourth?) string.


It’s going to have to be. If not, maybe an early L.

Be a fan of both sports, acting like sooner fans. Loyal and True.


I love all osu wins like I said I like boynton. I’m just point out I haven’t seen jesus yet. It did help wsu shot worse and trun it over alot. So is the kid from Chad a freshman. Matt needs to practice ft. Still low assist. But the real killer was even tho we had what 14 orb we did nothing with them. If I want my opinion boynton didn’t want this game just find another wanted less.

If I was a sooner fan I’d want Gundy to have a multimillion dollar contract until the day he drops.

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I am see that half time adjustments u guys speak of. 13 points less and 3 times the turnovers. One thing u guys don’t get I’m not judging boynton, I’m point out the stupid things u guys past as knowledge.

We are fans of both sports. We just can’t support someone who doesn’t care about the program they run.

So Boynton sucks at adjustments but it’s okay for Gundy’s offense to score 15 points on offense against TCU when his defense forces 5 turnovers for him?

U said that not me. I would have never thought u were ok with it

You complain about what Boynton and the basketball team could do better, but you never complain about what Gundy and his team could do better.

I do u choice to ignore it.

I’m a big fan of Boynton, but I’m shocked at his decision to start Kouma and limit Boone to 15 minutes of playing time.
First of all, we’ll desperately need Boone as a rim protector in conference games, so he needs as much playing time as possible prior to conference play.
Second, I understand Kouma’s role on the offensive end was to set screens, but when the other team knows he isn’t an offensive threat, they’re obviously going to switch and not allow an open shot. This will be disastrous in conference play and easily defended.
I’d bench Flavors and have Williams or Walker start. Both are more athletic and just as good (or better) shooters than Flavors.

I would make the change 2 shots in if they don’t fall for flavors. He’s cold

Could you guys go just ONE SINGLE post without filling it full of pouting and whining? Not only does this post have absolutely nothing at all in the world to do with the football team, but both teams won and had good showings. Cheer up a little bit buttercups.

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That is the absolute last thing you should do with a cold shooter.

There a lot of cold shooters. More offensive structure mite help

Hey Mash! Since you own the site now how about updating the “Hoops” tab to reflect a current schedule and roster? You know since were almost to conference play.

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