Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 69-60 Win Over Liberty

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OSU finally danced again.

way too early bold prediction for next year: Anderson breaks OSU’s scoring average for a season (24.2)

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As a long time fan, Alum, and overall sports nut… today was almost more then I could ask for! Not only did I get to see an OSU tournament victory for the first time since I was a junior in Stillwater myself, but as a lifelong Tulsa resident, I got to watch ORU take down Ohio State during afternoon play!. As much as I truly can’t stand OU, or their fanbase, it would be impressive for the state of Oklahoma to see all 3 programs in the round of 32… though I wouldn’t shed a tear if the Sooners fell by double digits tomorrow night, lol!.. In any case, it’s just incredible to have March Madness back, and to know that i’ll see be watching the local boys for another game or two!. As always, “Pistols Firing!”… and for at least one night, “Fly Golden Eagles Fly!”


Don’t forget about the baseball team beating #4 tech in Lubbock and the wrestling team moving up to 3rd in team standings! Yesterday was a perfect day for Oklahoma universities.

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Cade was big down the stretch again, but I still think that was his worst game of his college career. He got bailed out 3-4 times down the stretch on just terrible decisions where he’d try to fight through 3 defenders and he’d Chuck up a behind the back 15 footer and they’d bail him out with a foul call, he got really lucky. Still love to see him hitting big shots in key moments, but we won’t win another tourney game if he continues to press as much as he did yesterday. Still a great sign that he struggled so bad and Boone was almost nonexistent and we still won the game. Defense was phenomenal. Just need the offense to keep improving from here.

feel the exact same way