Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 72-69 Victory against West Virginia

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The Cardiac Cowboys do it again.

Need more from the bigs tomorrow.

Agree, just waiting for that one game where everybody is on and we smack a team by 30. This team has more guys now that can have a good game out someone else does not and that is a good sign going forward. I will be picking this team to go to the sweet 16 for sure and maybe elite 8. Final 4 I’m not sure of but I wouldn’t be totally shocked. Let’s get this done!!!

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My five thoughts:

  1. This is what happens when you recruit good players. They help you win.

  2. This is what happens when a coach motivates his players. He gets them to win.

  3. This is what happens when you find ways as a coach to get them working together as a unit. You get a win.

  4. This is what happens when the fruits of your labor in recruiting become successful. You get a better program.

  5. When you do the first four things I already mentioned the nation will start to take notice of your program and so will really good recruits.

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Lmao u really r a freak thats my 5 thoughts. Well let’s get them motivated tomorrow. Can he teach them to not turnover the ball and shot a 15 foot shot in a day.

I will use ur quote " I’m just saying."

This has absolutely nothing to do with football, you gotta stop finding a way to make every single little thing into a jab at Gundy man.:joy:


Where the heck has Rondel gone? He’s been virtually non-existent lately. I’d also like to see how dominant we’d be if we weren’t the laziest with the ball of any team in America. If we’re winning this much with a billion turnovers per game I’d love to see how much we’d win If we stopped throwing no look passes into the 10th row of the stands. Even more impressive that they’re overcoming those mistakes and winning anyways.


Baylor had 22 turnovers today so it could be ugly tomorrow. Which is good for us

Did I ever say one word about Gundy? In fact, I don’t believe I did. I’m just simply stating what Boynton is doing.

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Joe we know u and we know ur intent. 99 % of ur post revolve around gundy

I’m not exactly sure, but if he keeps WINNING so be it. I would say at least he’s winning the game when he loses the turnover battle, and not losing the game if he wins the turnover battle like someone else we know.

Lmao ok joe but next year he may need to get a new no 1 or fix some things.

Boy, I knew the second I posted the comment that you were gonna try to pull this. All 50,000 of your previous comments kinda give away your contextual intention.


Why was West Virginia playing with an ill player? I thought if you feel ill, you’re supposed to stay home. Seriously.


Was he sick or hurt

Reported to be ill with cold like symptoms. Had a bag of IV fluid infused at half time.

Come on Joe, give us a break until football season.


He must be making his point because he never mentioned Gundy but you could see the difference.

Keep going Joe, they are starting to see the difference without you even mentioning Gundy.

My favorite is when they try to claim football players need to stay at a big metroplex but basketball players don’t.

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Well then it is obvious what joe is writing about, if u got it. There are two fresh articles on here for u two cry on. Oh wait u did till everyone made u cry, u left we were still asking u question. Joe ur lil lap dog, u telling to do what ur scare of doing