Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 72-71 Win Over Iowa State

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The Pokes pulled out a crazy win in Hilton South.

This game was a perfect reflection of the entire season so far. Played great at Texas and pulled off a major upset. Then faces a wounded, low ranking opponent missing it’s two best players due to injury. Should have killed them but instead as I watched that game I never expected the Cowboys to win the way they played. But then there was Ice and Crime Dog who had other ideas about the outcome. Lindy is a riddle. Until the NIT the players need to avoid the bars and parties. Crime dog will play somewhere in Europe.

Enjoyed the article. FYI both of the Cam videos are of the same dunk.

Lindy Waters - 36 minutes, 7 points


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I am sure Lindys double Plantar fasciitis means he is not able to set his feet correctly and thus is the reason for his big shooting slump.

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