Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 73-54 Victory against Charleston

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Marshall is a true believer in Thomas Dziagwa

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In some games I think McGriff is a bigger liability than Dziagwa. It was true last night (haven’t seen the +/- so just my observation). What’s up with the midrange jumper BS? If McGriff doesn’t know by now to use his size and athleticism by taking that stuff on in to the basket, getting and 1s, etc. His strengths are rebounding and free throw shooting and he needs to be around the basket not out playing like he’s Steph Curry. Other than that, I like how the team is looking so early in the year. The Boones and Avery are legit pieces already. Very excited to see them progress!

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I have always wondered the same. Get to the rim Cam!!!

While we all love McGriff Lindy and Dziagwa they all have pretty glaring weaknesses in their game. However they have worked hard to minimize those to the point where they’re able to start for a Big 12 team, personally still think down the line Dizzy may be better served as a microwave scorer off the bench.

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I don’t think Cam has the ball skills to drive to the rim. And he has a really tough time finishing contested shots, not a good combo. All that said, he is solid defensively, can get hot from 3 (last year was bad, but he was good 2 years ago), and he’s a good free throw shooter. I agree that he needs to try to find way to get to the basket rather than shoot the mid range shot. Lindy and Yor are the only guys that have shown a solid mid range shot.

Completely agree about McGriff. Anderson is a great mid range shooter, just hasn’t got it going yet and Harris is a plus 3 point shooter, also hasn’t got it going yet.

I have been a bit disappointed in Laurent thus far, but it is hard to come into a new team and try and establish yourself in limited minutes.

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Guess I should add that drive and scoop by Lindy was ridiculous.

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The ball took a hard left turn as soon as it touched the glass. Insane

Daggum…just rewatched the game and that spin move by Ice is freaky! How on earth do you defend that from a guy his size!?!