Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 75-58 Loss to Texas Tech

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On poor shooting, poor defense and a poor year in GIA.

This has to end. we can’t be a weak BBall school and matter in the new Big 12.
if there are only going to be two Power conferenced we have to contribute to their bottom line with Tournament appearances and make a bigger contribution that Football and Softball. the defense is flat out embarrassing.

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This has to end people. Need a whole new staff, new culture. Another year will only make things worse…

I have said since day one that Boynton is a clown that can’t coach. We had 1 point for over 5 minutes in the first half. It will take years for us to overcome what Boynton has destroyed. The rah rah hype can only cover up incompetence for so long. Everyone should have seen the writing on the wall when we had the best college player on the planet and got bounced in the second round of the tourney. Boynton can barely make the NIT each year. Hopefully, the powers that be will wake up and go after a quality coach with actual head coaching experience. I would take Sean Sutton back at this point. Hell, I would take Hoyt over Boynton any day of the week.

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They’re dead last in the Big 12. Four wins in the conference. There is a small chance they might finish ahead of WVU, but would next to last be somehow better? I know Boynton’s had to deal with adversity in the past - but at some point this simply has to be unacceptable. Time to clean house and hire a new coach who can turn things around.

Have you all but forgotten Ford? Boynton has not helped matters but Ford was the beginning to this fall from relevance. I agree we need a change now but we don’t have the money to buy his contract out. He has the youth argument too that he will use although i dont buy that as a valid argument considering ISU is a top 10 team with 5 freshman on the roster. We just simply can’t afford to buy him out and be forced to pay the lump sum 6.7 million after April 1 unless we eat into the basketball NIL money pool which would set us back further. We could ask donors to fork it over but i dont see them getting enough people together to pay the buyout but we will see. Definitely need to do something drastic.

And look how many tournaments Ford made versus Boynton. Ford made the Big Dance more times than Boynton has made the NIT. Don’t go blaming Ford for Boynton’s complete lack of coaching skill. I would take Ford back over Boynton right now.

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Judging Boynton by the performance of Ford is moronic. Boynton has 1 tourney win in 7 years at OSU. Senior night in GIA was a morgue. We are last in the conference. I don’t care if it hurts NIL money. The fact is, NIL money isn’t doing us any good today anyways. If we don’t choose to replace Boynton then we are basically telling the world that we don’t GAF about Men’s Basketball at OSU.


Hire a freaking assistant from a well-known HC. Someone will take this job. You’ll get better results that what you’ve gotten the past 7 years.

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Probably out of our price range, but we should make a run at Amir Abdur-Rahim from USF. Living in Tampa, I get to hear him talk and see interviews, and he’s got every bit of the culture and ownership message that Boynton has. And he wins. He’s taken USF which has zero history, tradition, or even significant fan base, and made them the class of the AAC.

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Norm Roberts makes $500,000 per year. Mike Boynton gets paid 3 mil a year to consistently lose. We can find a good assistant as a HC if we really wanted to.

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Signed an extension last year

Assuming we wouldn’t hire Rahim until April, he’ll have a sub $2M buyout with USF, and given his current salary, it would probably take about $2m/yr to get him, although he’s likely to be in demand, and could be bid up significantly higher, especially if he gets in the tourney as an 11 or 12 and makes a run, which is very possible with his USF team.

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