Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 75-68 Victory against UT-Arlington

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On Cade, turnovers and if OSU fans should panic.

  1. Clean up the turnovers and free throw shooting.

  2. Figure out how to run an offense when teams play zone defense against you

  3. I like the fact that every player on the floor seems to chip in almost evenly and we aren’t exactly relying on one player to carry the team.

  4. I’d like to see them be a little more cleaner on defense. They had 21 fouls as a team but only forced 5 turnovers.

  5. Seems like this team is going to be pretty good in the rebounding department. Outrebounded the opponent 54-33.

This is going to be a fun season! This team has no idea how to win yet, but you can see it coming!!!

Let’s pull back the on the saddle here. We are atrocious at the free-throw line and have been for some time and our offense seems stagnant like it has for quite some time under coach. That being said I hope they figure it out and get to the turns but man our offense just hasn’t had a flow since coach has been there. Hoping for the best because they have pieces. They really need to figure out the free-throw problem because that will bite you in every game you play

I think point number 2 is the area needing to be fixed immediately. The future opponents will have watched tape of this game and therefore know how to defend against OSU.
My impression of rebounding is that the Mavericks were terrible at rebounding, thus making the Cowboys look really good rebounding.

I absolutely cannot see it coming. If nothing else, this season will be a cool experiment in how far a single great player can take a team with zero coaching or supporting cast.

“Zero supporting cast”. What game were you watching? Likele is pretty good and the twins can play. I’m not sold on the offense and am baffled by bad free throw shooting but lets get real, they’re not terrible…

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I was watching the game where we almost lost to a school I did not know existed. Likekele and the Boone twins were on the team last year and we sucked. I really doubt they improved much under the brilliant tutelage of Mike Boynton in the offseason.

We’ve already seen that happen in the Travis Ford era with Marcus Smart. We haven’t got to see a Boynton team with a star player yet. Give it a rest and let’s see what happens.

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I think there will be more support for Boynton and the basketball team right now then there is for Gundy and the football team.

Mike Boynton has 8 new players on the team and it’s only his second year with the Boone twins and Likekele is the only reliable player he’s had the past couple of years.

Kentucky lost to Evansville last season who went 9-23. Kentucky went 25-6 and were #1 in the SEC. So it’s not exactly as big of a concern as you make it out to be. Just because Gundy sucks as a HC doesn’t mean Boynton is going to.

Now if Boynton is here for a decade or longer and can’t compete with the two best teams in the conference then I’m sure all of us will welcome the criticism with open arms. This is the beginning of year four. So calm down for just a moment. I do know this. Our HC for basketball seems to be a better recruiter than our HC for football.

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How many consecutive years does Boynton need to miss the Tournament before it is cool to criticize him?

It seems odd to me that in one breath you talk about what a great recruiter Boynton is and in the next breath you say “Likekele (who Brad Underwood brought in) is the only reliable player he’s had the past couple of years.”

How about the same number of years, you’re willing to let Gundy miss a New year’s 6 bowl.

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Didn’t he lose 4 players one year due to being expelled from school? Then he lost another last season during the middle of the year? That’s not merely his fault and that really hampered the future progression of his team.

He’s just started year four. Looks like he’s put together a potentially solid group this season. Let’s see what happens. As AR1 pointed out earlier. We’ll give Gundy a pass for missing a New Years Six Bowl since 2015 (A game his team got humiliated in).

Yet, Boynton has had to deal with previous NCAA investigations, trying to build the program, and losing players off the team which isn’t his fault. He’s just started year four (he hasn’t even been through a full recruit cycle) and people are ready to crucify him because he hasn’t made the tournament yet.

Anyone here remember his first season? 2-0 against Kansas and then we got screwed with them putting OU in the tourney over us? Was that Boynton’s fault as well?

He’s been a coach for 3 years. Chill. Recruiting cycles break through over 4 year periods, and he has already landed the top player in America, the top player in Canada, and 2 other players who were #1 in their state. All 4 of those are all coming in this season. If you think Lindy Waters and Cam McGriff are enough to get you to the tournament in the hardest league in America, you’re either lying to yourself or you don’t watch much basketball. Ironically, he probably won’t make it this year due to the ban, but let’s just chill and see what he can do now that he’s getting to use mostly his own lineup. If he fails and goes under .500 again in league play this year with the players he has, then I’ll start to accept the fact that he isn’t a good coach.