Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 75-70 Win over Kansas

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On Cade and both teams’ Bryce.

Can’t figure the team out just yet. Are they inconsistent or figuring it out? I’ve already taken the first two days of the tourney off work so I can sit home and watch basketball all day, so I hope it’s the latter.

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They’re consistently good at choking leads,


Great highlight reel this time. Total team effort. But the Boone twins are irritating to watch. And what is the story with Harris not yet playing? Did he get kicked off the team for the alluded to personal issues?
On the picture at the top of this page I love seeing the choke hold on the KU player. It looks like MMA but an effective way to get a guy to release the ball.

I know u guys dnt believe me about assists. Osu had 14 assists in first half shot well over 50% and scored 46.
Second half 1 assist shot well under 50% and 29 pts. The second half also show what a big man can do to this team. No high low when ku was in zone. Blocks and chargers forceing those shots.

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Harris is said to be hurt. Pena has personal issues.

When the team was gathering for a huddle at one point there was a player in street clothes on crutches. Was that Harris?

Sorry don’t know I listen to the game. But should be.
One of others mite know.

Ended up being an awesome play by Cade to throw it down court after the block, but the number one cardinal rule you learn in basketball is to never, ever, ever save the ball under the opposing team’s basket. Scared me when I started to see him Toss it back toward the middle of the paint, that could have easily went into the hands of a wide open Jayhawk. Nonetheless, it ended up turning into a highlight reel play. Maybe he does have eyes in the back of his head.

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Call me crazy but if basketball games lasted 30 game minutes OSU would be top 4 in the nation right now. Too bad they don’t, and those last 10 minutes of games have half of the osu fan base calling for Boynton’s head on a stick.


You’ve gotta give it to bill self and ku… That zone was very boheim-esk… Teams will play more zone on us because of our lack of a big man. It was disheartening to watch our lead evaporate and I was getting g super annoyed with boy tons in game strategy but super proud with the hustle down the stretch. Go pokes!

I’m a diehard fan. I want his head on a stick. There is no reason to let this team evaporate a lead game after game. I am having my doubts on his ability to coach. Eddie has to be rolling.

He has got us back to 500 and survived a run by a top 10 team hof coach. It may just been self’s curse at Stillwater.
Back to my point may not need his head on a stick yet.:upside_down_face::rofl::joy::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:
I hope he gets them in the video booth and show them what works. Bad 3’s walks charges (turnovers in general). Get in offensive sets

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OSU dominated the four-minute increments – until the 7:59 2nd Half mark.

As I told my wife – who was not watching and did not care – OSU stops playing the way they do to get a lead and start playing to protect the lead. They get tentative and unsure. Walker’s two ugly 3’s were a perfect example.

They’ll figure this out!

Great to suck it up and get the big win. Now, for all that’s good and pure, beat OU by 20!


We play confident, strong, and fast when we start games. Once we get a big lead, though? We play not to lose and that almost always spells doom. I’m so thankful that we figured it out this time! Maybe this is a “turning the corner” moment because this team is obviously talented enough to be one of the top teams in the country.

Which is why I don’t want to see either one on the floor the last 8 minutes of the game. They will consistently send teams to the free throw line for a chance at free points.

Wonder where Boynton learned that from?

Martin or our last bb coach.:upside_down_face::innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cowboy_hat_face:

instead of a dunk- this is the ■■■■ picture you guys choose to put up? Wow!
Instead of us dunking or something. What is wrong with this site. You make money off of OSU stuff and do that crap. You guys have issues man. I enjoy this site but get a brain. It’s so freaking weird.

It’s not about his ability to coach, because 75% of the time he outcoaches everyone he plays. He outcoached self, outcoached Huggins, outcoached Beard, outcoached Smart, the list goes on. Not to make excuses for him because it’s his fault, but it was pointed out that OSU thrives off fast paced basketball. And in every game when their pushing it, they’ve been lethal. It’s when they get a lead and start holding the ball for 20+ seconds trying to burn clock that they start going into these offensive lulls. And yes, that’s his fault, but he himself told them in the video after the game that he understands why they want to hold the ball but not to slow up, to keep slamming it down teams throats until the game is over. He wants them to start running for 40 minutes whether we’re up 40 or down 40, because when they’re playing up tempo no one has even come close to stopping them.