Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 77-71 Loss to UCF

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On all the whistles, where the Cowboys lost this and more.

The best part was when we were about to take the ball out towards the end of the game and the ref was about to hand the ball to our guy, not sure who it is as they all look the same, and he was singing and moving to Soldier Boy playing on the loud speaker. I was wondering who he was talking to, then I realized he was singing the song. Then Boynton called a timeout and the player did the Superman while he was running towards the bench. Gotta love the poise and concentration, for the music not the game, from our players when the game is on the line. That says everything you need to know about the discipline Boynton has with his team. What a fuking joke.

Come on Weiberg… just rip the freaking bandaid off. DO IT…

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He will get a contract extension. You know, for equity.

He won’t be fired until after April 1 for $$ reasons. But at this point, can we start talking about potential replacements? Obviously Doug G will be a polarizing option. Who else might we be targeting?

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Whoever is on sale at the time. We one broke school.