Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 78-57 Loss to Texas Tech

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It wasn’t pretty.

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Baylor is going to whoop us like we stole something.


Does boynton even care about what’s going on. His team can’t shoot 3’s, so what does he do let’s them shoot more. How can boone be ur best post last year and now only gets in mop up.


Boone on the bench makes me wonder what in the world Boykin is doing. Boone is the only big man that plays like a big man (with a little bit of attitude).

One other question, why did Anderson even test the nba draft last year?


Yea they keep throwing up those threes and most are not even close to making it in. Seems like college players should be better than that

Saturday is going to be a murder on national TV. They are going to get skull dragged by Baylor.

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I can answer that. Everyone told me it’s because he was good enough to score 31 pts. 1 time. Yea I know.

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It was NOT pretty.

  1. Hey, Ice went 4-4 at the FT line…so THAT’S a positive;

  2. If Big 12 basketball went on an eye test, we would do really well. We have athletes. Those athletes just aren’t very efficient at putting the ball through the cylinder.

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Some responses to other thoughts here:

Kalib’s benching is the result of his performance against KU’s McCormack, where he was dominated. Boone will be back.

Would be interesting to see Boone-Boone-Cisse-Anderson-Williams line-up. Go big inside and try the inside-out game.

These guys are struggling and, through no fault of their own, have had their season gutted before it started. They continue to play hard. Avoid being overly critical and pick these guys up instead of stepping on them when they’re down.

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I have a horrible vision…It starting to look like Travis Ford all over again. Great guy, does the right thing, good recruiter, seems to love being here…But cant coach or find ways to win ballgames.

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So Kalib is being punished for bad defense against Kansas 3 games ago? and poor practice attitude? What’s going on???

Now watch this team go get a W in Waco.

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Boon must be in the dog house and if it’s his attitude than tell him to hit the portal because he is wasting a scholarship. Send ice as well because we need a productive and consistent point guard in a bad way

This team looks like they have no leadership at all

And this has nothing to do with the post season ban. It looks like the emperor has no clothes. This is a bad basketball team. They cannot shoot a ball through a hoop. They can’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. I’ve said it before, forget all the “athleticism”. They need guys who can…wait for it…SHOOT THE BALL IN THE BASKET. It all starts with that. 5 Phil Forte’s, no matter how short they are, would absolutely obliterate this team.

Boynton: Find guys who can shoot a basketball. Start there. Forget individual matchups. Don’t need em. This ain’t pro ball. Learn to pass the ball until you find a guy who is open and let him shoot it into the basket.


Havent had any luck hiring good basketball coaches for awhile but if it’s because we are having to fund the football team to keep up with the Jones’s as much as possible then I’m on board with that. Might as well start thinking about bringing Doug home after next year if things don’t get better baby!!

I actually think Doug would probably be pretty ■■■■ good, if he keeps his mouth shut on politics lol

I don’t know. My guess, from watching Kalib kind of melt away on both ends against McCormack (and he did the same last year), is that Boynton is trying to toughen him up some. Chances are, I’m 100% wrong.

I think we all know Kalib is our best scoring threat on the inside. But he really needs to bring it every night; not every 3rd night.

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They are lost without Cade.