Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 78-70 Loss to Baylor

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Unloading after a heart-breaking loss by the Cowboys.

3 quick things.

  1. They played hard and played with heart, loved seeing some confidence and fight in this game.
  2. Coach is class, he’s calm on the sidelines but when he does get upset and even kicked out he has class. I’ve never seen a coach double back to shake hands that was cool.
  3. What’s up with Anderson, I get it he’s young and turns it over but he is good on defense and a scorer, he’s definitely better than Mitchell. Not playing in one game I understand not playing in 2 games I start to think something happened.
    Go Pokes l!!!

I don’t know what the problem is except for in the Coaching staff. We still have the same five from last year, but now have help from the bench. Last year they didn’t. There is way too much talent on this team to have our record. They started off the year decent but injuries and illness has taken it’s toll. Double digit turnovers the first half sure hurt them. It’s a shame the legacy this team will end up with.

One of the worst reffing in the second half I have ever seen. It looked like the refs had to make sure BU won so they did a job on us. Baylor should be ashamed if this is what it takes to win a game. Shameful.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the turning point in the OSU men’s basketball season. I hope Boynton gets this thing turned around. I like how Boynton had his teams back and stayed classy.


To the author of this article. 31% from 3 point range is pretty good. Its respectable at least. Equivalent shooting over 50% from 2. Solid not excellent but solid number.

I get what you’re saying, but it would also rank 295th in the country.

I agree, you can see the Boone’s turning the corner and man I’m excited for them next year! This is the best played game they’ve had besides the win and the other Baylor game, in other words two well played games in a row…hopefully we make it 3


Completely baffled by our performance this year. On another note, I’d like to hear how much Scott Sutton is being utilized, and a solid commentary on his relationship with Boynton.