Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 79-63 Loss to Houston

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Another Big 12 blowout loss for the Pokes.

i didn’t read any of that because i’m done caring (been done for quite a while). Weiberg should just end it now - appoint one of the assistants for the remainder of the season - and begin the search for the next man up. It’s a complete sh1t show

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Weiburg has done 0 since he got there so I say get this guy out of here yesterday! He hasn’t made one change in coaching since taking over. Pitiful that is.

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Men’s golf season starts tomorrow. I’m encouraged that several starters from last year are competing individually in Hawaii – meaning they couldn’t crack the Top 5. Hopefully, this means we are stronger this year.

The Cowgirls, featuring Mt. Rushmore candidate Maddison Hinson-Tolchard, won’t start until later this month.


Women’s Basketball?


My post was meant tongue-in-cheek. I agree with you that Weiberg is too much everyone’s buddy and not enough of everyone’s boss.

Talk is big and cheap, y’all. No coaching changes? What other program is struggling enough to justify it? Sure, you’re the same people that want to fire Gundy, but success is success.

You’re also sitting in a comments section and not having to deal with the real-world financial issues that firing Boynton would bring. If you don’t like it, go root for the Sooners because you sound like those fans.

Boynton is a product of DEI and it proves what trash it is. Boynton isn’t qualified to coach a pickup game at the local Y. That’s why we are 21 games under 0.500 in conference play in 7 years. And, talking about financial consequences. Have you seen how empty the arena is at every single game??? We would be better off just playing streetball without a coach.

This is absolutely disgusting. He is paid $3 million per year and he is barely 0.500 after 7 years. I could do that for $1 mil.

All Preston Stout did today – in his first collegiate spring event – was throw a 62 at 'em!