Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-58 Victory over Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

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On 3-point shooting, Cisse’s presence and Boynton’s shoes.

Number 5 is the sick world we live in. Wear a pair of shoes once. And over priced shoes at that.

Missing 26 shots is nothing to be happy about. When we shoot over 50 for 2’s.

Basically played 8 guys in a game we had by half

Its nice cessie final lean an offense move.

I am happy about get more passing for assist. Only thing anderson needs over 15 to be good. How many turnovers will he have in big 12 play.

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Glad they won, but now the bloodbath called Big 12 play begins.

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Coach Mike needs the orange lobster dunks.

I mean maybe you should order a pair of those grinch sneakers lol

kidding aside I agree with the meat of your post but unfortunately this team is what it is.
Missing 26 is not good but still shot over 50% (barely) and was good to see the 10-13 from the line, that was better than our average

Assists were nice to see but I shudder at thinking about AA’s Assist/TO ratio in big 12 play lol

We don’t really have much of a bench outside that 8 and at any rate once conference play rolls along the rotations get shorter so maybe this will be the main 8 we see , with the 8th guy off the bench rotating between a couple of guys.

All that being said, I’m optimistic opening vs KU as we play them tough at home most of the time and hey the sun shines on a dogs butt from time to time so you never know


Maybe JMW handles the rock more once Big 12 play starts. That’d cut down on AA’s turnovers. Also, I call him Sauce instead of AA.

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