Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-65 Loss to Texas

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On a killer Texas run, OSU’s struggles on the glass and more.


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Not gonna post stats on 2s and 3s. It is the same story.

Us, +7 on the turnovers and them, +10 on the offensive glass is why they got 17 more shots.

Garrison out with fouls wasn’t the rebounding issue. If you look at the last two box scores, guards and forwards killed us on the glass. That is a lack of blocking out fundamentals.


One thought for sure we believed was going to be put out there, is Boynton gonna make up?! I like Mike as a person, but the results just aren’t there. Another season or two to see if it’s gonna happen???

Is 7 years not enough to prove himself? It’s not the talent. We had the number 1 overall pick in the NBA draft 3 year ago and weren’t good, even then.

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HCMB has had enough time. He’s had some bad luck and a grossly unfair penalty by the NCAA, true. But he is not a good head coach, period. Time to move on from Mike Holder 's very bad contract with Boynton.


yawn… is HCMB still employed by OSU? what is Weiberg waiting for?

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Cade alone helped us make the tourney and a win, his supporting cast didn’t help much. Cade could have averaged 30 if he had been selfish