Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-72 Loss to Florida

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The Cowboys blew a 16-point lead in Gatorville.

We were out coached and out played.
Like I said right after the Iowa State game, it would be hard to win games without Bryce Williams, and we are not a good team this season.
We faced a Florida team without three of their players and they had no center. Cowboys are a team known for giving back big leads. Can’t make free throws. Another really embarrassing second half performance. Second half looked like a really undisciplined team. Where is the coaching?
Being mediocre gets you stepped on in the Big 12.

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It’s frustrating to watch a talented team be coached so poorly. Cowboys have not been coached good in any season under boynton. Only difference about last year is that Cunningham was on this team and could win games. His starting lineups are questionable or flat out terrible. He’s too loyal to players instead of being hard on them.


It is so appropriate that Mike Holder’s final gift to OSU athletics was locking us into an expensive and long-term deal with this joker of a coach.


The two biggest issues facing this team are poor shooting, whether it’s a 2 or 3, and horrible free throw shooting. If the Pokes could shoot 30% higher as a team on free throws and maybe 10 to 15% higher from the field, fans would figure out that Coach Mike ain’t the issue.

There are 10 million reasons why a basketball team loses games. Poor shooting would be a common one. It is the coach’s job to make sure the team makes shots and wins games. You think good coaches just get lucky with their players making more shots than bad coaches?

I guess we are stuck with him because of the sympathy card. Add this to the penalties already given by the ncaa.

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Yes, there are a host of reasons. Sometimes, it’s foul trouble. Or the other team is simply much better. Or it’s a plethora of turnovers. Or a lack of defensive intensity. Or rebounding. You’re right. But, I still stand by my statement. Piss poor shooting at ALL levels is the biggest reason our record isn’t what it could and should be.

Time to get rid of Boynton

There is only one thought that truly matters…

Fire Boynton…, and hire a basketball HC that can deliver results on the court…, anyone that knows basketball can clearly see lack of discipline, sloppy basketball year after year under Boynton.

Boynton may be a nice guy, but he clearly is not capable of returning OSU basketball to greatness. 5 years of mediocre basketball is more than enough!!!

I guess I agree with you that shooting is a problem. I just do not think that is an excuse for Boynton. “He is a good coach, his teams just can’t seem to make more baskets than the other team.”

Since we have a team of guys who cannot shoot then I think it is a problem of recruiting and that falls on the head coach. Boynton waited way too long before he called a time out when we saw that Florida was starting to run away with the game. Instead, Boynton waited for a media time out or something like that. It was all over by then. Not impressed with the team he has assembled. No consistency from one game to the next. First half good and then poor shot selection, poor passing, lots of fouls in the second half. We have seen that too often this season.

Are the assistants bad? Assistants are just as important here as well. As long as ice is the primary ball handler this team will struggle. Good kid but needs to go.

Bouton is to soft on his team and players just like Mike. Look around at good basketball teams and you will find that the head coach is on his players the whole game.

Did anyone see a semblance of an offense the second half ? Any screens, cuts to the basket ? All I saw was a bunch of standing around waiting for a drive or a 3 point shot

A player missing a shot happens. Players taking one bad shot after the other is on the coach. And the players are doing nothing but taking bad shots.

Happens when Ice is the guy running the offense is what I’ve noticed.

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And Anderson did his disappearing act again

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Super frustrating. I do think having Ice on the court with Avery handicaps him some. Allows another defender to focus on him since Ice doesn’t need to be defended unless he’s driving and is 2 feet from the hoop.

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Their handling of the ball the second half looked like a 5th grade school, rag tag…. How many put backs did we miss, several. This team has regressed since the start of the season. I really like Boynton, great ambassador for our school but shitt something has to improve