Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-78 Loss to TCU

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What a miraculous way for the Cowboys to lose.

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At best they’ll be a one and done in the tournament. :disappointed:

Yeah, if we bring in the #1 player and don’t win a game, I think Boynton has to be on the hot seat.

It’s all about size and match ups.

This was a 9-7 team that was on a five game losing streak before beating OSU last night. There was no reason the pokes should be losing to this team. We are already past the midway mark of the season and we are still seeing the same immature and dumb decision makings by the players and Mike Boynton needs to get it addressed and fixed.

This team if they played smart basketball could be 15-1 on the season instead of 11-5. They are losing to teams they shouldn’t lose to and blowing games against teams nobody expects them to beat. Next up is Texas and Kansas. To be quite honest I have no idea based on this teams jekyl and hyde play so far this season how those two games are going to play out.

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As I said at the beginning of the season, it would be very hard for the Cowboys to be competitive in the Big 12 when they have no big man to play center. Travis Ford teams were small and the results reflected that even when having a great player like Marcus Smart. So it still comes down to recruiting. Coach thinks there was not enough defense last night. I want to know how the Cowboys were supposed to defend that big guy who was under center? Coach, tell it like it is. Your team does not have a true center who can defend the rim. Yes, Yor screwed the team but he was still an underweight beanpole. Go and recruit a real big guy and your teams will then have a better chance to compete in the Big 12. Fail at recruiting and you are out the door in 2 more seasons coach. Kouma is worthless.

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Definitely noticed the offense had more movement and ended up with better looks when Cade was on the bench. In the last 5 minutes Cade started walking the ball upcourt and playing 1 vs. 4, which resulted in him missing two tough contested shots in our last possessions. With all of the quickness and athleticism this team has, they need to play uptempo as much as possible.
Does anyone know if college basketball calculates a +/- stat like the NBA does? I’d love to see that stat from last night’s game.
As others pointed out, we definitely could use a strong big man down low. TCU has taken advantage of our lack of strength inside twice now, as did West Virginia.

The disappointing comment Boynton made was that Cade thought he could get all the way to the rim with 16 seconds. Coach that’s your responsibility coach this group and understand time management. Boynton called his last timeout when Cade was trapped in the backcourt, but the foul was about to be called and you could hear Coach B screaming for timeout. If you have that timeout available in the last possession you avoid brain fart by the freshman whether he’s going to be number 1 pick or not. Coach step up and take responsibility!


Two words: free throws.

If we could only make 70% of our FTs against TCU, we would’ve won both games. Make 70% against WVU and we win. Make 70% against Texas and we win.

By the way, a 70% clip is middle-of-the-pack in the Big 12.


We need to make 2 more free throws a game. that’s it. We are close but honestly taking a ball to the hole with 15 seconds left. yell don’t shoot boynton!!

If the other team knows the ball is going to Cade why let him drive to the basket with 16 seconds left? Was the shot clock closing in or something?

One would think you would use simple ball movement and dish to Likelee for the drive to the basket since that seems to be his specialty. The worst thing that would happen is he misses and we go to overtime or he gets fouled and we go to the free throw line for the possible win.

I thought we still had one timeout left?

Cunningham’s +/- stat last night was -10.

No! that’s our point. The shotclock was off. Hold the ball and take the last shot. That is what Mike Boynton should have yelled to the team and to Cade but he did not. Major failure in coaching on this.


Yeah he had too many turnovers. Not a normal game for him. Played great for 10 min. But probably had 7 turnovers. Unlike him. Gonna have a few with him having the ball as much as he does but really he just was out of it first half. Foul trouble and just out of sync most of the game. The end was spectacular for Cade minus last minute.

And Ice was on the bench. Seemed like he was there for the last 10 mins of the game (probably not that long, but seemed like it).

Will be curious to see how he responds.

2 major things are apparent:

  1. Cade needs to get a killer instinct in the first half.

  2. Coach Boyton is the best recruiter we’ve ever had. He’s one of the best first half coaches we’ve ever had. He unfortunately is the worst we’ve had at making halftime adjustments.

Coach B is not the best recruiter we’ve ever had and he clearly is not a high level coach. He brought in 3 nice players this year in which one is 1 and done. Unfortunately at this time he doesn’t have commit for next or beyond. This team will go to the tournament unless NCAA denies our appeal. If the bracket breaks just right we might win a game or two. It will be interesting to see where the program goes moving forward.

Once again Coaching is an issue. We have been so much better with Williams in the starting lineup and he brings him off the bench. Result is we start off poorly when we have been so good in the first half. Why mess up a good thing.
Flavors should not play. He brings nothing to the team. We were losing with him and first game back we lose again.

Flavors knocked down some much needed 3s last night. It’s not his fault half the team decided to sleepwalk last night. Flavors scored 6 points on 3 shots with 8 minutes of play time. Ice and Boone scored 5 points combined with 40 minutes of play time combined. Flavors wasn’t the issue last night.