Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 84-71 Win over Oakland

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Cade hit the windmill on them.

Boynton and the basketball team look more promising than Gundy and the football team.

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Man I think this league might be the best it’s been top to bottom ever. Honestly from watching big twelve play osu I think is middle of the pack but has room to improve and at the 2nd part of the year could be fighting for top 3. The big twelve has some dudes!!

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When Marquette upset Wisconsin that clinched a top 25 ranking for the Pokes when they beat Oakland. Kudos to little Oakland for hanging tough with the Cowboys for quite awhile. When OSU plays offense at a slow pace they don’t seem to do so well.

Last yr I was like this great. Then lost ice. I like boynton. But before we crown them champs. We did not beat the # 4 team. Dnt even average double digit win in the 3 low level team has been that exciting. We still have no center. When ur biggest play out the is ur pg it’s weird.

We don’t average double digit wins in football and you seem to not have a problem with that.

Just like I thought apples and oranges. If Gundy played those 3 school we would have won by 50. U real dnt get it. Just like Gundy doesn’t have a qb, boynton doesn’t have a center. It will be a good team but wont win con champ.

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Just on this site they did an article about how boone was being push around. I like boone but isn’t even a power forward. A 245 lb center will lay on him hand check and talk about his mother. He is still a forward.

The beauty of Mike Boynton is that he’s actually willing to make changes and adjustments when something isn’t working. I can’t say I had seen the same from Mike Gundy in yesterday’s game against TCU. Which you have still refused to comment on by the way. That’s okay though, it’s easier to hide and keep quiet after a loss instead of justifying bad coaching.

Joe ur an idiot. This was a game with a team that as far as I know has never been dancing. 4 g and a small forward is not an adjustment I want to see. Marquette was a nice win. But those other 3 r not. At least the #'s were better except turnovers. I’ve made excuses for him, had to kick all those players of lost ice for alot of games. But still doesnt change his losing so many games with double digit leads. How about those adjustments.
I answered twice on a football post said all that needs to be said. Stop referring to me u have no knowledge on any sport. U get told that by alot of people, not just me. U post the same thing over and over. And I’m positive u have troubles in the real world.

They did in 2005, 2010, and 2011. So who’s the idiot?

Nope!!! You only stated your version of what you want to believe, and not the reality of the situation. You never come to the Mike Gundy rescue when he loses and gets outcoached massively.

I have no knowledge of the sport? Tell that to the other numerous fans we have on here that have agreed with some of my viewpoints and have even directly pointed out their own valid claims of what they seen in the game. You’ve not once ever commented on what Gundy or any other coach on the staff for that matter could’ve done better.

I do? What kind of troubles do I have since you personally know me? Is it because I don’t drive my car around with a Mike Gundy banner attached to it? If we are going to talk about troubles in the real world then we need to start with the grammar issues you post on here.

I’m glad there are only a couple of weirdos on this site.

Joe what I rite is what I rite. U cant make me rite any more or less. U real have problems. I mean serious troublesome mind bending problems. Stop stocking me. U hunt me down on another post to get a answer. Dude it’s nice when girls r crazy at first, but never guys. Just because there are guys who want Gundy fired doesnt mean they agree with u or u know anything. A guy on this post told u off, and not the first time. By the way when u start paying I will us good grammar. Till then stop read my post and u wont have troubles reading them idiot

I don’t hunt you down man. Everytime I post something anti-Gundy you try coming to the rescue. It’s only when they lose is when you don’t.

I feel sorry for u, not smart enough to understand this is a bb post that I was post bb stuff. U stocked me wanting to know about Gundy. Take a deep breath and what ever pills u need look around make sure ur not in the street in ur panties.