Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 84-81 Overtime Loss to Iowa State

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Anderson and Brockington went toe to toe.

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This loss is on Avery extending his arm with seconds left in regular time. Cut and dry.

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That is how I saw it too and I think everyone else saw it that way. No need for it. If the guy is in your way then step back and shoot like Cade is known for doing. Slow your game down a notch and you will be more in control Avery.


I like Avery and he had the best game of his career. It was the one simple mistake that lost it.

My gosh. How fun was it to watch Iowa State’s offense? Guys zigging and zagging everywhere; but in an organized, intentional and harmonious way.

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Well, there was the shot clock violation when Ice literally shot the ball over the top of the backboard (when we were up by 2)…

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No doubt that Avery extended his arm and was rightfully called. Dumb mistake. However, can’t put the loss on him. The only reason we had a chance was because of the guy.


That didn’t help. I thought it hit the top of the board which should have stopped the play.

I understand and he had the best game of his career. With a few seconds left all he had to do was get inside for a shot or get fouled. Instead he committed the foul and turned it over. We should have never had to go to overtime where they jacked up too many three’s.