Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 85-80 Victory against No. 6 West Virginia

2 of their 3 highest scoring conference games came without Cade. The one that they scored more in (at OU) was an overtime game. They score points without him. I also think Boone has been pretty consistent this season, and Anderson has been consistent in conference play. They haven’t given the other Boone many minutes but he’s been massive every single time they’ve put him in. I’d assume he gets a bunch more playing time next year. Turnovers will be an issue but a large majority of those are committed by Cade. They’ll also have Harris back and hopefully Williams. It’s not out of the question that they could add another grad transfer too, they’ve done that almost every season MB has been here.

I’m with u. But their are buts did any of the other guys win any games. Cade does turnovers far from majority.
Remember they had 20 last game how many cade did.
Yes I like the boone twins.
There are so many things. We will see next year

Yeah, I think Boone has won some games for us but we only have played 3 without Cade so when he’s in there the others really don’t get a chance to try to win it, he always takes the ball. But Cade has had at least 5 turnovers in every single game he’s played since February. Needs to clean that up if we want to go deep in the tournament.

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I’m with u. But there is a difference between playing a good game and winning a game. And yes I like boone he has been the most consistent other then cade