Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 85-80 Victory against No. 6 West Virginia

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Sauce Anderson.

Great summary. Appreciate it.

Hellzzz yea pokes!!!

Beyond belief what these guys did today and on the road. Totally unexpected. I kept expecting the Cowboys to fade and instead of that they stepped up their game. So impressive. Now what we need is a really good guy to transfer in to make up for the loss of Cade for next season.
Boone twins maturing with experience and getting it done. Been a long time since we have been able to be so proud of a Cowboy basketball team. Great stuff! Great season. And Boynton also gets better with experience. Tighten up on the turnovers and fouls.

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Mike Boynton for POTUS.

This is from yours truly:

“Let’s see what Boynton does without Cade next year!!!”

Well he just got a win in the road against #6 without Cade and has proven in several games so far that Cade doesn’t need to score 40 points game in order for this team to win.

What has happened to walker last couple of games. I’m not talking about scoring he has just disapeared.

Their names are Anderson and Moncrief. They pick up the slack when others struggle to contribute. That’s what happens when you develop players and don’t rely on your most skilled players to be the only winning factor for you. It’s also called coaching your butt off. You know everyone is going to try and stop your next best player so you scheme and spread the ball around for a better chance of scoring.

If u think west virgina is a top ten team just show how weak this season is.
Huggins has won games this year but is anyone scared of them. Its kind of like that with all the teams in the big 12 except may be Baylor

Is anyone truly scared of anyone outside of Baylor, Gonzaga, Michigan, and Illinois though?

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You love to brag about Gundy’s home win against Iowa State when they finished the season #7 in the country.

Boynton gets a win on the road against the #6 team in the land without Cunningham and Likekele and can’t bring your self to give credit where credit is due.

Andersen had a nice game.
But everyone on this team except cade hasnt put two games together in a row.
Boone would be the second best player

That was a great game wonderful

I have noticed how Robert is always late to comment on basketball win threads.

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Were they handing out trophies for being first.
If u need to know I took a nap after the game and listen to the second session of big 12 wrestling.
But I hope I make u happy I’m here now

Not exactly. I think a lot of teams in college basketball are beating up on each other. Strange to me how Alabama is leading the SEC while Kentucky is 8-15.

Weird that Florida State is leading the ACC while they aren’t sure if North Carolina or Duke will make the tourney.

If I would’ve said this 4-5 years ago people would of looked at me like I’m crazy.

I will go with Duke nc kentucky all being ok to bad in the same year is odd
Maybe Alabama being good
But Hamilton has league title in both the big east and acc plus elite 8 sweet 16. So no not odd. Anyway Virginia is leading acc and that’s not odd at all

Still crazy to me that Cunningham, Likekele, Walker, and Williams accounted for a combined 5 points and we still found a way to score 85 in Morgantown. Nuts. Also, special shout-out to Keylan for being the unmentioned brother but making absolutely massive plays every single time he gets a shot. You could argue we go 0-4 over that ending stretch if it weren’t for him.

Ironically, we tend to do almost as good without him as we do with him. Even though we collapsed late against Baylor in Stillwater, that game still stands as the longest time throughout a game Baylor has trailed, and accounts for half of their total time trailing in a game this whole season. They also beat ISU by 21 in Ames without Cade, and ended that game on an 81-47 run after getting down by a quick 13 points.

My only concern for next year is he has been the only consistent player. He closed out 3 or4 games. We dnt know what would have happened if he played in the first Baylor game.
We will be missing 20 pts a game. And that threat that other teams need to double team.
They did play well against an over rated wv team( which we should have beat twice) but it took avery to double his high and triple his average.
If this team play one of huggy bears real defense teams. Wow maybe 40 turnovers.