Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 89-82 Loss at Iowa State

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What I learned from the Cowboys’ sixth Big 12 loss in as many tries.

Someone explain why we haven’t started a coaching search? Boynton is definitely not getting it done…

Well number 1 because he has a great recruiting class coming in next year. I love the guy but, uffda, that offense is hard to watch even against the worst defense in the Big 12.

I’m surprised by the lack of defense for a team that prides itself on defense. Forgetting the scoreboard you can just watch this defense and say, they play somewhat tough on ball defense but they give up so many WIDE open 3s that it doesn’t matter if you get a few steals a game. The offense is what it is, bad base offense and few scorers, but defense cmon now that effort and basketball IQ

I’m really excited about CC coming to town next season. Same as I was excited for lebryan Nash and Marcus smart…Neither one of them won a tourney game during their osu career. Boynton looks a while lot more like a Travis Ford than he does his mentor Underwood. How long do we want to keep the “really nice guy”?