Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 91-86 Loss in the Big 12 Championship Game

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The Pokes come up short in KC.

Had six guys had 9 points or more. Nice team effort.

Only lost by 5 to a team who the night off before hand while we went toe to toe with the #2 team in the country. We should be a lock for a 3 seed.

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Georgia tech won the acc tournament after a bye too. NCAA better figure this out because it is clearly an unfair advantage to let a team rest while one plays.


IDK how you can justifiably say that the officiating in this game failed to lean one way or the other when Texas was gifted 19 more FT’s over the course of that same 40 minute span!.. In typical Cowboy fashion, we gifted those “Dead Legs” after falling into back to back slugfests against the leagues two toughest programs coming out of league play, while Texas (of course!) manages essentially a second buy, as KU mysteriously bails out a week before the NCAA tournament begins… I’m sure it was only a coincidence that the Jayhawks would drop out while allowing just enough time to meet collegiate testing guidelines before play resumes right?!.. In any case, I’m incredibly proud of our boys, and I feel like in any other year under almost any other circumstances, we walk away with W, and the Big 12 Championship… As is, I’m just hoping it doesn’t discourage any member of the team from fighting to realize that our REAL goal has always been a deep NCAA Tournament run!.

I watched much of that ACC Championship matchup as well, and it was clear that the Yellow-Jackets were benefiting from the same set of fresh legs and additional prep-time, that UT so obviously had this evening… I still consider the entire situation very sketchy, as neither the Jayhawks or Virginia have disclosed how many of their players (if any!) failed testing protocol, and why even after that fact, the teams refused to continue tournament play with those athletes they had remaining… something both teams will supposedly be required to do within the NCAA Tournament, so long as they have at least 5 healthy players available. Again it “just so happens” that both programs were all but guaranteed a 4 seed or better going into tournament play, with little hope of moving up within the bracket, and withdrew EXACTLY 1 week prior to the round of 64 tipping off, which allows just enough time for the both teams to meet the 7 day testing guidelines that would allow them to accept a bid, while receiving an addition 3 days of rest and prep time!.. Don’t think for a moment that programs would not consider such a move, as I have little doubt that it happened multiple times throughout regular season play as well… (Ya, looking at you Baylor!)


I know this is not going go over well but he i go.
Imo they weren’t tired. I hate refs. But do believe bad calls average out. Its the late ones that hurt.

Against Texas are lack of another big, shows up.
Offence boards killed us in all 3 games. Also didn’t help in the tcu games

Put it down to a tired team and Bryce Williams not well. With the rest week, the team should be (hopefully) back roaring.

Just saying how does a tired team score their highest point total of the year

Brock Cunningham is still traveling…

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