Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 96-68 Victory against New Orleans

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On Keller’s explosive debut, an injury update and more.

I feel sorry for new Orleans.

Watching Keller play made me feel better about this season. He has serious potential to be really good.

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That game gave me some hope. If Bryce gets healthy and they start to gel some…this could be a fun team after all!

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Wondering when Isaiah Miranda will ever get a change to be healthy enough to play in his first college game.

If Boynton came on this blog and said, “All right, guys, give me some advice. What would YOU do?”

I would say “Tighten up your player rotation. Get to 8 players. 9 max. Stop shuffling players in/out at every break. Let your guys get into the flow of a game.”

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That is funny. Exact opposite of Sutton. He would yank your ass the first time you made a mistake and then chew on you while you sat next to him on the bench.

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That’s what’s missing in his coaching. He’s like most parents now days disciplining with gloves on or and just trying to be a friend more than a coach. Watch who I think is the best coach in the country and watch how he gets the most out of every player through tough love. This would be Bill Self. I have two children one graduated uo last year, I know eww and one a sophomore in highschool. I was tuff and fairly strict with my son because I feel like he needed that to be a strong contributor in society and being a man. His mom always thought I was too tuff on him at times but he will be the first to tell you today he respected me more than mom who discipline him with gloves on and as a friend. He’s told me thanks numerous times as we talk about his friends that did not turn out as good as him and how most are still living at home with their parents and are lazy and emotionally strang lol. Soon to be parents out there you have an obligation as a parent to be a parent first and for most, that is your job. Be strict with parenting and consistent on what you preach to them. We are living in todays world that have not followed this and we now have to deal with it.

I feel like this is why Mike has not had consistency with any of his teams throughout his career.

But Sutton didn’t play 10-12 players in a game. I’m getting old, but it seems like one of his final four teams only went about 6-7.

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2004 Final Four game vs. Ga. Tech, the STARTERS played 87.5% of the game. Only one other player saw double digit minutes (11).

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In the non-conference he played a lot more until they got the message to play defense or they were riding the bench. Christmas break was two a days with football pads if they hadn’t got the message by then. When you have an entirely new roster, they all need to play until the best players rise to the top. I agree that he played 7 or 8 once we got into conference play.