Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's Bowl Game Against Texas A&M

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OSU goes for five-straight against A&M.

64 yards from 2000 and he sits it out? I don’t think so. My man has too much pride and loyalty to sit this one out.

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While I agree about year-to-year momentum not being worth much, I have to think that beating A&M would potentially help in recruiting the state of Texas against them.

Has the last three wins helped on recruiting, or the wins against Texas?

I love this! These bowls are meaning less and less, especially as the conferences and playoffs grow.
Recruiting is all about the coach and the players that hype it. As long as your facilities aren’t garbage, any players is gettable. Mike Boyton is a perfect example.

If Chuba sits, the D Glass Heisman 2020 campaign begins!

I wish KP would quit saying that the Tech loss is “inexplicable”. It’s simple. SS turned it over 5 times. That pretty well explains it.

I wonder what the tweet was that Chuba’s responded to. So looking at his last 3 tweets. In my opinion ‘Thanks for a great year’ says his year is over. The response about not having money says he’s going to get paid. In the video, “forever proud to be a cowboy” sounds like he’s gone as well. :disappointed_relieved: I think he declares. However, I do think the video sounds like he’ll play in the bowl game. I’m also an average fan who really doesn’t know much, so there is my out when I’m wrong on all accounts.

Crazy to face Henson so soon. ATM will be a tough out but a win would be a great end to the season.

LOL @ the TexAgs video taking a shot at Mizzou (I mean, I get it, it’s Missouri) despite the fact MU has won their division twice in the SEC already and A&M never will.