Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's Exhibition Win against UCO

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On family and some newcomers.

I thought they looked much better with Thompson on the floor. I think he will be very good for us.

Probably would have been a different score if Bryce Williams had played. This looks like it could be a really good team. Really impressed with Moussa. The lack of a true big man has been keeping Cowboy basketball from having a higher level of success for many seasons now. And we saw what seemed like a noticeably improved Kouma on the court. His hands are better and he seemed better at knowing where to position himself. Looks like he has done a lot of work on his skills since last season. This team will gel after awhile of playing together and should do great things. I hope that UTA uses the same type of zone defense so the Pokes can learn how to play against it before facing tough competition. The schedule is going to be brutal even before Big 12 play. Ice looked improved, which is probably due to now being healthy. One thing that seemed strange was what looked like a heck of a lot of assistant coaches on the bench. How many do we have now? Seemed like an entourage out there. Chris Harris not dressed so I guess not yet recovered from injury. That was a pretty talented Div.2 team, well coached.