Five Thoughts on Opening Day of Big 12 Wrestling Championships

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On the main character, the main event and more.

I thought I saw Doucet lose twice, how is he still in it? The guy’s offense is only defense.

I’ve seen Doucet as the weak link and can’t understand why Carrol hasn’t been in there instead. If he can’t beat Doucet then he’s just not living up to his high school hype. Doucet is great at riding people, but that’s all he’s got.
I don’t see us catching ISU. Weeks ago I posted that the points we will not have from Surber will cost us in tournaments. I hope Williams doesn’t have to medical forfeit tonight. Hopefully he stays on the mat to stop stalling. ISU looks better than in our dual. Having Fix as probably the only champ tonight shows how far this program has to climb if it’s ever going to get back to prominence. Hopefully we can finish in top five at NCAA.

We still got all 10 in
Thats the only way to get a top 5 placing. We would need alot of help and wrestle out our butt of to win