Five Thoughts on OSU Football's 2022 Recruiting Class

All y’all do is make excuses for Gundy.

Not the subject here

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You did hear Robert say Gundy has a lifetime contract now Jug …. You gonna be so happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great that gives me a life time of pointing out 1 conference title in 17 seasons.

Go ahead and offer a scholly to Jace Gilbert. Kid will shore up punting/kicking/kick-offs for four years!

Where is Caleb Williams headed? Pretty obvious he isn’t coming back to Norman…

It would be funny but where is he going

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If he’s staying you would think he would have already said so….

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South Carolina.

Thats rattler

Oh man. Totally read that wrong… although, how funny would it be if he did go to South Carolina?

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He’s in the portal now so I think it will take 2 million to get him. OU can’t handle that