Five Thoughts on OSU's 67-60 Win over Kansas State

Ummm…I’m going to say walker is a better free throw shooter. But would still love to hear your thought on what Issac is better at.

Guess you know more than NBA scouts:

Learn to read, genius. I never said anything bad about Walker - in fact, I said that I agreed that Walker was a good player, but he should be replacing someone else in the lineup, not Ice.

Never said you said he was bad

Just would like hear your thought on what Issac is better than walker in?

Issac needs to drop 10 pounds because he looks like a slug out there. Might be because he’s hurt like every player on this team and every other kid that came before this team for boynton but he should not be starting for all the reasons Iv mentioned before and I don’t really care what he did as a high schooler or a freshmen. You play the hot hand and in my opinion walker is the hot hand and just better all around.

Walker is shooting 9% worse overall than Likekele. Walker is shooting 8% worse on 3’s than Likekele.
Walker is averaging less assists, blocks, and rebounds than Likekele, and has a lower PER.

“I’m not sure what games your watching” but Walker going 3-14 over his past 2 games (2-10 on threes) doesn’t scream efficient to me, no matter what vague phrases you try to use to convince it of being true.

You can’t compare the two based on FG% The majority Ice’s shots are 2 ft from the basket. So that stat can be misleading. Stop comparing 3 pt shooting. Walker is light years ahead of Ice as a shooter. Of course Ice has more assists he handles the ball more. Ice is a better rebounder period. Ice is a better defender and provides veteran leadership. If Ice plays to his strengths he’s valuable when on the court.

Ice is leading the Big12 in minutes played. I’d say he does lots of things well—everything except outside shooting. Also, remember, he’s been playing hurt lately. We have not seen the real Ice in a few games.

:joy::joy: these types of arguments crack me up. “You can’t use 2 point fg%, ice shoots most of his shots close!” Well, of course he does. That’s what most players should try to do. It’s called a high-percentage shot selection. If you’re arguing that ice’s ability to get to the rim for buckets discredits his FG percentage, you don’t know how basketball works.

“You can’t use 3 point percentage just because ice makes his more often, you can just tell by looking that Walker is a better shooter!” Okay, sure, walker’s release looks cleaner… but he misses more often than ice. Ice shoots less, sure. But again that’s just having a high basketball IQ and understanding strengths. If I shoot 10 threes and make 4, and you shoot 100 threes and make 10, does that make you a better shooter than me “because you shoot more threes”? No, it doesn’t. Just means I’m able to play to my strengths better than you.

My man I guess you just don’t get it. Take a big man like Shaq and he shoots 60% on FG attempts that doesn’t make him a better shooter than Stephan curry because he shoots 45%. Who would call the better shooter? On your outrageous take on 3pt shoots Walker has attempted 72 and made 25 35%. Ice has taken 17 and made seven for 41%. The percentages don’t tell the whole story. It’s no different than the baseball player who is 3-10 on the season hitting 300 vs. the player who is hitting 288 with 200 a bats.

Two things- Shaq shot 60% because he was best at inside shots, and he was massive. So he didn’t shoot jumpers, which is common sense. If he’s out there shooting threes and 15 footers, he never gets called a hall of gamer. Steph shoots lower because outside shots are harder to hit, and he’s not physically able to impose his will inside. But here’s the kicker- Shaq couldn’t shoot outside even if he needed to, but Ice can when he needs to. He’s shown that. Steph can’t impose his will inside even if he needed to, but ice can if he needs to. He’s not one-dimensional. Rondel probably is a better shooter, sure. But Ice is not only making a higher percentage than Walker when he does shoot outside, but he’s also playing to his advantage and shooting more inside than outside. Of course his percentage would go down if he shot 6-7 threes a game. But his game doesn’t limit him to being forced to rely on the outside shot. It’s just an extra benefit to have if he needs to.

A good example would be Kawhi. He doesn’t take a bunch of threes compared to other stars, but he’s hitting 39% when he does take them. He just has an inside scoring threat so it’s much more logical to try to score inside than outside, higher percentage looks. That doesn’t make him a bad shooter, though. If he’s making them, he’s making them. Whether that’s 2 attempts a game or 10.

Either way you argue it, it still points to ice being the better option. Walker has to shoot from outside more often because he can’t get inside as easily as ice, and if ice gets put in a situation where he has to shoot from outside he’s proven statistically that he’ll hit it almost half the time. I’m not arguing that Ice’s shooting ability is better than Rondel’s, just that percentages show that he’s not hurting the offense when he’s attempting them because he’s making them at such a high clip. If Rondel’s only advantage over ice is shooting, and ice is hitting them when he needs to, then what is the argument for Rondel over ice at this point? Because of ability? Ability doesn’t put points on the board, results do.

And I’m also not trying to dog on Walker. He’s shown a bunch of signs as a freshman and I think he’ll be a great player for us. I just think people are massacring Ice for no good reason at all, and their only argument is shooting, which he is shown not to be a liability at. He’s got a draft stock for a reason, the game goes way beyond shooting forms.

My man I give up you just don’t get it. Have a great evening!