Five Thoughts on OSU's 67-60 Win over Kansas State

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On second-half slumps, turnovers and a tough upcoming Big 12 finish.

Hey boynton, looks like I’m right by not starting Issac. Walker is just a lot better than issac and it’s not close so here’s to hoping this continues. Seems like boynton is a lot like gundy by starting Issac because of seniority and team leader but not the best option.

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We are not seeing the true Rondell Walker because of the obvious finger injury on his shooting hand. He have seen him play much better. I wonder if anyone on this roster is free of injury?
Very smart move to rest Ice. From what I saw today I see no upsets coming the rest of the season. They might beat Iowa State and then I would expect them to lose the rest of the games. Especially if they keep to their pattern of Cade being unable to score in the first half, and the the team letting a lead diminish in the second half. This was not a fluke today, this has been a pattern of play that we have seen too many times this season. This was one of the worse games I have seen this season. But nice to see Flavors still able to hit some of his shots. When up by a lot in the second half the guys start shooting too many unnecessary three point shots and that is when the lead dwindles quickly. Still doing reckless running down the court into traffic instead of passing when you seen a committee waiting to greet you. Cade still not looking the number one pick. I watched Jalen Suggs play last week, I have to agree with the comments by Fran about the comparison between Cade and Suggs. I really think Cade would benefit by playing a second season of college ball. The big money will still be there for him. And with some better coaching the team could be really good next season but without Cade they will not do much.

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If the team won’t do much without Cade, why would he benefit by coming back for a second season to a team that can’t do much without him?


I guess captain obsessive should be coach both football and basketball or any other sports

They beat a team with one single win in the league by 3 baskets at home. Not sure if that proves Likekele being out helped us.

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They aren’t winning in Waco. They should get by the cyclones, and tech is extremely overrated. Voters keep trying as hard as they can to keep tech in the top ten, for no good reason. They have the same amount of losses as osu, and 1 single ranked win. OSU has 5. They should not lose that game at home. Then I’d assume they’ll split with OU, I don’t see us winning in Norman and the more OU keeps beating great teams the harder it becomes to argue that they’re a fraudulent team.


We find away to win 3 we r in the thing with this team is predicting the 3

Still can’t seem to figure out how to hold onto a lead. If they can ever figure that out they’ll be fine going forward. Problem is that it’s been a consistent issue all season, and I don’t think they’ll figure it out if they haven’t by now.

Too many times I’ve seen one guy trying to battle his way through three defenders when someone else is either open for a decent jumper or has an open lane to go to the basket.

If they can just do the following:

  1. Maintain some kind of rhythm
  2. Play disciplined and fundamental basketball

This team is good enough to make a run if they can just force themselves to do these two things instead of consistently shooting themselves in the foot. I won’t hold my breath though.

Issac is better than Rondel right now. Issac Likeke has just had a foot injury and tried to play through it the last few weeks . Tried to gut it out. Rondel has a bright future but not as good as a healthy likele. Glad we have him though as he is a good 6th man.

This team can hang with anyone if they play well. We saw that for about 30 minutes against Baylor. There is enough talent on the team to compete and do well it’s just a matter of making it happen. Coach needed a timeout much sooner on the whatever to 0 run in the second half. After about 8-0 it’s time for a timeout. All the pieces are there it’s just putting them together. FTs have seen a pretty good improvement over the last few games which is good. Turnovers and stupid 3s need to be fixed.

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I agree except ft. The reason ft are better all of are poor shooters aren’t getting fouled out :upside_down_face::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Boynton has still not figured out when to call a time out and it’s frustrating as blank. Can somebody seriously asked this man what is in the water fountains that is getting his players hurt? I mean enough already. I have to disagree with you osu grad…walker is a better basketball player than Issac is. He does everything better but play bully ball. He shoots better he’s faster he’s a better defender he’s a better free throw shooter he’s more athletic so not sure what games your watching. I believe if Issac played today we loose. Good coaches always have their teams playing their best ball right now and we don’t. Boynton is a great guy we all know this and I assume he the kids like him but man he’s teams are straight up psycho.

I don’t think we lose with Ice. The game was pretty solid accept for the massive whatever the hell to 0 run is the biggest issue I have which is coaching for the most part. The jacked up garbage 3s piss me off though. I think walker will be an absolute stud though.

You’re the same idiot that after the Marquette game said this year’s team would beat last year’s team by 20.
Your take on Ice is just as ignorant as the one above. You’ve obviously never set foot on a basketball court. If you had, you would know how difficult it is to play the sport with knee, ankle or foot injuries. The one fault I have with Likekele is trying to play through the injury - he’s obviously been a shell of himself due to the injury the past 5 to 6 games.
The only thing you’ve said that I agree with is that Walker is a good player. However, assuming Ice is at full strength, he’s not the player Walker should replace in the lineup.

As a true freshman, Ice had 23/9/3 at West Virginia, 23/9/6 at Baylor, received a 2nd round NBA draft grade, and was one of 15 players 18 and under selected to play on the USA basketball team which won a gold medal (coached by KState coach, who personally selected Ice for the team after playing against him twice during the season).
His sophomore season, he was the MVP of the pre-season NIT after putting up 26/5/8 against Syracuse. After recovering from mono, he put up 15/10/5 in Austin vs. Texas and 21/5/9 (including the game winning shot) vs. Iowa State in the Big 12 tournament.

He’s in a different situation this year due to the lack of outside shooting on this team and opponent’s defensive strategy of sagging behind the line to prevent Cunningham and Likekele from penetrating to the basket. Overall, when healthy, he’s good at all aspects of the game except outside shooting. Trashing a 6’5" ballhandler with physical defensive skills just illustrates your lack of basketball knowledge.

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It’s going good on the wrestling front nine into the finals. The odd thing is we going to win heavyweight.

The take on Ice is little fools gold. I agree he’s had a number of really nice games throughout his 3 yrs, but if you look at his body of work and lack of shooting ability he’s an average player at best. The comment that he was a part of US 18 under team is fair, but let’s not forget more than half the team was HS kids. It wasn’t like Ice was a freshman All American. I agree injuries and sickness may have stunted his growth as a player. He is a very valuable player when he is utilized to his strengths. I’m not sure if his shooting woes ever change, and that includes free throws. It tough to play a guy down the stretch who struggles with free throws.He’s great in transition with his size and strength.

Average players don’t receive a 2nd round grade from NBA scouts.

I do agree with your point about his free throw shooting late in games. However, who else on this roster do you trust in his place in a late game situation to make free throws?

Lol dude, tell me what Issac does better than walker please I would love to hear it

2 round player! Sure wish he was. Think hes a good kid but come on man, you seriously think ice is a pro. Won’t sniff the court. I guess we will see from hear on out and I will let you know every time I see it on the court but you will go silent I’m sure