Five Thoughts on the (Indefinite) Death of Bedlam Football

Originally published at: Five Thoughts on the (Indefinite) Death of Bedlam Football | Pistols Firing

On sadness, processing a sea change and a comical PR push from OU.

Good news for osu. Now the new administration NOT gundy, because he doesn’t in anyway have a say so in who or why we should schedule schedule any teams whatsoever😉 can add another cream puff to the non con.

It will be weird not playing the Sooners. They are the ultimate villain for Cowboy fans. In State bragging rights, blue blood vs underdog, sometimes even conference championship implications. In the Big 8, the two titans were ou and Nebraska. Texas replaced Nebraska pretty well, maybe even better due to their arrogance and huge football budget. Texas will never play OSU again, unless it’s a bowl game.
I cannot imagine as getting pumped up for game like I do with Bedlam. Sure there will be challengers for the title. Baylor, Cincinnati, BYU are all interesting opponents, but I don’t see them building the fervor the Sooners created. This past years Bedlam was so loud, I think even louder than 2011. OSU fans will cheer and scream, but they won’t detest the other team down to the bone. To see the end of rivalries with Nebraska, Texas and Ou is really sad as a fan of the tradition of sport.


As good as oU was against us all those years, You think they would have handled it with more class. But no, just like their devious exit with Texas, Zero class, zero integrity, Zero U.

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