Fix Dominant in Return, Three Cowboys Win Tournaments

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Three pins and a tech fall for the returning Fix.

What I came away from this tournament is Missouri is really an impressive team and they only brought one starter I think.
The other thing is that it might be tough for OSU to win the Big 12 tournament this year. And Plott looks like he might be wrestling injured. As a team, we underperformed as there was some really good competition.
The bright spot of the day for me was realizing that we might have a pretty good wrestler for the future in Conner Doucet. Some impressive moves against Harris. But overall, a surprisingly disappointing tournament. I think AJ’s loss will just make him tougher in future matches. Nothing to worry about. Feel bad for Dusty Hone. And we are not seeing the true Wyatt Sheets because I think that injury is still effecting his performance.
It looks like we don’t have any quality backups. Luke Surber might be good but he got injured. Konner Doucet is obviously good, but other than that our backups got clobbered. We should be glad we did not schedule Missouri as a dual. It does look like our ranking as a team at number 6 is accurate. Way too much caution and circling wrestling instead of being aggressive early on in the final round. I hope the Cowboy Challenge becomes an annual event with even more teams invited. Nice to see improvement in West Virginia and Wyoming. Just makes the Big 12 better. It’s going to be a very tough Big 12 tournament. Hoping to hear some comments from John Smith about his reactions to the Cowboy Challenge. Glad I am paying the 6 bucks a month to have ESPN+.

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They all seemed tired. I hope they learn from this. Is hone gone. Really beat up team

Geer took one bad shot after another. Kept getting caught underneath which killed him. He’s better than that and I think that’s just a coaching issue.
I know Mauller is a beast but Boo wrestled way too cautiously in 2nd and 3rd periods. Not saying that aggression alone would have been enough to win but at least go out swinging. Love watching that kid though.
Hoping Wyatt and Plott can heal up completely in the next 3 weeks.
i also wish Ferrari could have wrestled more of a round robin and had a go at the Wyoming kid. a 4-team tournament and 197 was absolutely STACKED with 3 studs.