Fix, Ferrari and Oliver Get Seeds For The Olympic Trials

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Two current OSU wrestlers and another former standout received their seeds for the Olympic wrestling trials this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. Daton Fix, AJ Ferrari, and Jordan Oliver all will be competing for spots on the Olympic team this weekend and all got their seeds on Monday. 57 KG Daton Fix-#265 KG Jordan Oliver-#397 KG AJ Ferrari-#6 Fix gets the highest seed of all the Cowboys at No. 2 across from No. 1 seed and rival Thomas Gilman. Any way they would’ve seeded this, it was going to be a tough draw, but the two seed for Daton arguably gives him his best path to the finals. If Daton would have gotten the No. 1 seed, he likely would’ve met up with Nick Suriano, who has given Daton a few losses, in the semifinals and then would have needed to beat either Gilman or Arujau in the finals. On paper it would’ve likely been Gilman, who has also beat Daton. Meaning Daton would’ve needed to avenge two losses on his path through the tournament. Ultimately, there are no easy paths, but the one he has doesn’t match him up vs. a wrestler who’s beaten him recently until the finals.…

Whats going on with alex?

The super human competition that A.J. will have to face will only make him an even better college wrestler so I feel sorry for whoever has to wrestle AJ next season as they will not have much of a chance to defeat him.
OSU needs 4 more guys in the lineup who can wrestle at the same level as AJ. Then we can expect some team NCAA championships.

Alex has a busted ACL, I think. Can he come back and coach for us already? :slight_smile:

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