Good Friday, all.

It has come to my attention that “flagging” someone else’s post is the new “high five.” And while I love high fives (pre-pandemic) just as much as the next guy, “flagging” posts comes with extra homework; as a result, our staff is having to constantly clear out the moderators inbox and sift through what should stay on stay on the site, and what is truly egregious and must be deleted. It’s a labor of love, but labor, I suspect, is better spent creating content for the masses.

As such, I am dropping in and pinning this message as a friendly reminder to review our commenting policy. Please be mindful of what you post on the website, and please also be mindful of what you flag. We want this to be an inclusive community, and auto-flagging someone whose opinion diverges from yours defeats that mission. There’s a way to have healthy discourse without going full Ed Hochuli.

Thanks and Go Pokes!


Just for my own edification is calling me “American killer” a personal attack?


Seriously difficult to stop my immature mind from flagging the originating post of this thread.

do not push


That guy is a sociopath

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For the record, I’ve only flagged two of my own posts in the entire time I’ve been a member.

Contrary to popular belief, I can handle other peoples’ opinions.

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I would say yes.

Then boy do I have the posting history for you.

Just so I understand, would the staff be pro capitalism or anti capitalism?

Asks the non-paying member.


Why can’t you just eliminate the the ability to flag for the people who are flagging so much or is that only for the people who YOU disagree with?

PFB didn’t code the software for this forum, it’s a turnkey piece of software that anyone can purchase the license to use for their forum. So your suggestion might not be an option they have control over. Just trying to give you one less thing to be irate about.


It’s an option, just makes you wonder why it’s not being used. Maybe they don’t want to hear both sides.

You run a forum with this software? You know this?

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I don’t see anything in the FAQ for Discourse about it. I do wonder if you have to reach a certain trust level to flag, and maybe some users haven’t reached that point.

Just ask’em.

None of these actually get deleted even ones that are clearly against the rules, and benefit from the Streisand Effect.