Following Iowa State Loss, OSU Drops Seven Spots in AP Top 25

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The Cowboys fell to 15 after their first loss of the season.

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This was to be expected. Win the next 2 weeks and can be right back in the top 10.


The problem with the ranking is that only half of the Cowboy team plays like a top ten team, the defense. On offense we have top ten caliber running back and receivers but not a top ten O line or QB or kicker. So this is going to result in some strange matchups with other teams. When I saw that the Sooners had first half trouble with Kansas I thought we might have a chance for an upset in Bedlam, but not after we failed to get a W against Iowa State. I don’t see us getting back into the top ten this season because we can’t score in the third quarter. Then we play catch up in the fourth quarter. Let the long balls fly against Kansas and get some confidence in the passing game. When the score reaches 50 put Gunnar on the field for coming attractions. Or dust off Illingworth so he doesn’t get too rusty in case Sanders gets injured.

Well……our top 10 ranking was short lived. I think everyone here knew that we most likely weren’t a top 10 team.

I just wish we would figure out what kind of offense we want to be. The claim is that Gundy wants to be balanced on offense, but he wants to run the ball more. Just stick with what you know and you’re good at.

If you want to be a more run based offense and play solid D then switch the running game up to where we have more than one running back in the back field, and stop making it so obvious to the opposing defense which direction Warren will be going.

I don’t know why we don’t have more running formations with a two back backfield and diversity to help open up both the running and passing game.

We have everything to play for ahead of us. A Big 12 Championship is still in our power. Who knows what will happen to the teams from other conferences ranked ahead of us right now. Alot of football left to play. A 1-loss oSu Big 12 Champion could even end up ranked in the Top 4. Negative Nellies need to slow their roll a bit, or just go ahead and jump ship along with all the other rats…


Total crap offense I’m sorry. I guess Dunn sits around with a crayon box and draws up his 3 plays. Worst offense Iv ever seen in osu history!

To hope other teams loose so your team still has a chance says a lot.

Yep. That’s the difference in “competing for” and “expecting” championships.

For all the cowboy fans that just doesn’t want to see us go bowling in a meaningless bowl game or want something meaningful like to get a playoff spot, this is the reason a school like osu in this system that we are in in fact has to go Undefeated to get one of those spots. So we all know we will have one or two more losses by the end of the season so we will see if we are sitting around 3 losses at the end of the year and looking to go to a meaningless bowl game like I figured. Maybe they don’t lose another game we will see. I just don’t want to hear this bs about how good we are going to be next year because we have so and so back aging and aging. We are who we are under who we are coached under. rinse and repeat.

Being 6-0 in the spot we were in before this game and being on the road I’m sorry if you can’t muster up some guts and play to win and take some ■■■■ chances then this is my question to all of you…then when??? Answer: probably never.

First we were picked 5th.
We are not ou with an over talented team.
If we go 9 and 3 would be disappointing. With one loss coming to a team that have troubles. It’s still a game and half better.
Like was said earlier the others will lose.
We have ou left. Ou hasto play 3 teams. With the other 3 each having 2 each.
Not going to the title game will be disappointing to me because I believed from the being. U only got on board at 6 and 0. But I’m not going to cry if we go 9 and 3. That should be the Alamo bowl.
Be realistic if everbody thought we were a 7 or 8 game win. Then this should not be a title team.

Being picked 5th has absolutely nothing to do with a season first, second Baylor and Iowa state are 3-1 in conference like us with Iowa having the head to head and third I was not on board as you can look at my post early in the year saying let’s wait till the end of the season when we have 3 or 4 loses going to a meaningless bowl game while you will be falling in the trap of saying but next year look who we have coming back and sanders is a senior so we have a good chance, so we will see at the end of the year. Rinse and repeat. Now that being said our coach does not have a championship approach to any season at all. This game would all but sealed the deal and he kicks a 50 yard feild goal on 4th and 1 on the road in this type of game!! That’s all that needs to be said to back up what me and joe have been saying all along. Enjoy the all the hopeful seasons and heartbreaks and close but no cigar games left in the gundy era.

But hey he will still pad his conservative meaningless bowl games streak🤷‍♂️.

That was all over the place. I think I have talked about the offense next year team once more abouthe what we lose on defense.
If the season end today we would be the one going to the title game.
I’m all happy to wait and see.

All over the place?

Unfortunately the season doesn’t end today and we have 3 maybe just maybe 4 left. We will see, season is not over so we still have a shot to make it to the big twelve championship but need Iowa state to loose now and we need to keep winning. We will lose aging if not 2 and I think we all know that. All I’m saying is coach needed to have plays and needed to bring some guts to that game on the road because of the meaning that game had and he fails to do so like most of the time.

Wouldn’t be easier if the home team won’t play so good. It’s all been on the offense prudy had 82% completion. We did score 21 against a good defense compare that with the first 3 games.
Anything can happen we still can have a 4 way tied.
I still like our schedule.

Well we will see.

Yes we will.
And beside a bad day for the kicker the worse stat was the 82% competition and really tanner was 3 of 5 on kicks

If sanders is the quarterback for this team I will be really disappointed and shocked. They have to find a portal kid bad.