Football year in review

Now that we got all are players figured out, how do we feel.
Just look at the offense first.
Sanders has improved every year. So another jump should happen.
The running backs. Sure we dnt have a 2000 yard back or 3 seniors.
Richardson has shown he can do it. I hope he makes a growth jump too.
We got to hope the younger guys are ready and have the talent.
Receivers have talent and alot if them. It’s the same growth with the play book.

Linemen alot of talk. We did start 4 guys for 4 of the last games. Winning 2 games against top10 teams.
They all may start but not in the same spots. I think we are deeper. So injuries should not cause as much damage.

The main deal is if we can stay away from group trauma we will be ahead of the last two years.
Injuries with running backs and qb could be devastating.
Very young we have 2 super senior next year I think we will have only 3.

Over all we’re better it’s all up to injuries.

Just looking at the schedule and going by my gut, I’m thinking a 9-3 season.

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I’m going with 10 but yes I’ve mentioned the 4 tuff road games.
Ksu, ou,Texas, and Baylor. Tech will be better too.

The whole league is a question mark. Even OU who has never been a question mark in Gundy’s tenure. I don’t doubt they’ll be at least solid, but I could see it taking a while to get traction, maybe even multiple seasons. So much turnover, lots of chemistry questions, new offense, new defense.

Most of the league is in a similar situation. New coaches everywhere, new QBs everywhere. New systems, losing experience. Baylor’s the only team that looks more stable than OSU right now, and we did split with them last year.

I’ll take us in any game with Baylor being the one I’m most unsure about.


This year’s defense is going to fine.

The front is what made our tem last year. We are atleast as strong up front.

We’ve had to replace lb before. We just need them to be in the rite spot.
We have a ton of talent at safety.
Cb is a question of depth. But the 2 we got have shown they can play.

The Baylor team lost same play makers. Ask ou how easy to replace perkins.

Sounds like you are predicting 3rd in the conference.

I would be find with 3rd.
If you would look at the predictions so far they are all over the place.

I feel ku, wv, tcu, isu and tech will not make any gains.
Ksu will see if there new qb can make it.
Baylor has some play makers to replace.
Texas first has got to see if they have a qb. I dnt think there d has made much improvement.
Ou is just one big question mark. Will there line be better. Will there qb be effective after his injury and against power 5. Do they have any play makers on d.

Baring the injury bug a boo, I feel we as strong as last year. One major reason the big 12 offense is down is qb play. There a 5 new ones this year. With very few back ups. I think 4 have backups with experience. Out the 5 teams with returning starters all have missed games for some reason.

You picking osu at 4th

Kasey Dunn should be feeling good, this is his third year ? I forget
Pretty stable on coaching staff except for DC .

I’m looking for special teams to keep making strides too . That group has come back around into a strength that’s good for +1 W .

Last year was SS first year that he wasn’t hobbled up . If that trend continues our season should be smooth . look to see some rotation from the backups early on in the season .

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If we stay away from those group injuries they should be able to do the hurry up.
The recievers have get more physical. Get off the lines clean. Make there blocks and know their routes.

I hope if gunnar is the second best he gets to be 2nd.

The big 12 defenses aren’t as good as we think. If we go fast it will be a good thing.

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Nope, I’m predicting you to be gone.


Did y’all see the April fools joke that TT and Baylor were headed to the pac 12?

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I haven’t yet.

It almost got me but just sounded too good to be true

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