Former Five-Star Recruit Bryce Thompson Enters Transfer Portal

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Could Bryce end up in Stillwater?

Depends if he is home sick or he is worried about ku getting a ban.

He won’t come to OSU. OU bound. Heard it here first.

That would be wild. But, he wants to be top dog im guessing.
They do have a new coach at nc

That would suck to lose out twice on him but Boynton is striking out on everyone right now.

Yea this was a one season wonder. You’ll see a major decline in recruits.

If can get a usable center. I think he can get by. As long as they all come back.
I hope he just doesn’t throw out scholarship to anybody.
He picks up his coach I think we will be fine. There are a few teams in the big 12 worse then us.

Self will probably block him from an in conference transfer. I think that’s what happened to the kid that went to Houston.

Our needs are different today than 18 mths ago …(+) Thompson wants to go where he can be top dog (aka…Tulsa)

Tulsa might be a good landing spot. I agree that Bill Self might not release Bryce to transfer to another Big 12 school. He seems to be a great kid and I hope everything works out with a new start.

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Our needs are the same. We would take him in a heart beat and he would most likely start for us next year. As for Self blocking the transfer…he might but I doubt it. I don’t think he would do that to his former players son.

Thats all good but where r we getting another big

Probably the transfer portal.

The kid seems to prefer a blue blood team so I am going to guess he chooses North Carolina which is in need of a rebuild. I think Roy Williams saw the writing on the wall with the transfer portal ruining college basketball and he wanted no part of having to replace key pieces after each season since he is known for developing his players over time.

You take this kid no matter what if you can get him

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If he can choose anywhere OU and UNC have new coaches so his relationships there are different than his first recruitment. (UNC hired an assistant so not as much of a difference as OU) OSU would be the best relationship outside of KU he has. If he can’t go to a big xii school. Why not go to Oral Roberts? They are the hot team in the right now and could benefit from that!

No kid that has choices chooses ORU. Props to them for making a run and making it into the tourney and winning a few games but ORU is still ORU and the Bryce Thompson’s of the world don’t go there…the Trey Phipps of the world go there.

Its a good place for a coach to go.

50/50 OSU/TU

If he wants to be too dog ORU wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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