Former Oklahoma State Basketball Star Keiton Page Promoted to Assistant Coach

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Page has been on OSU’s staff in a variety of roles since his graduation.

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I’m sure well deserved, a true Cowboy!

Who is out? Fired or left on their own?

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Just go ahead and make him the head coach.

I don’t look fondly on the Travis Ford era but those highlights reminded me that we had some amazing talent come through during those years. Markel, Page, Forte, Smart, James Anderson, Nash, Cobbins, Obi, and probably more that I’m forgetting.


For sure and towards the end of his tenure we had Juwan Evans and Jeffrey Carroll who were great players for us. However, those two flourished more once he left but he brought em here. Could always recruit.

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Why is he “Pawnee Pistol”? Keiton played at Yale his whole HS career…

What? no he didn’t. He was at Pawnee 9-12 when his dad took over at Pawnee HS when Keiton was a freshman. You’re thinking of his brother Brady I think.

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Okay, guess I was wrong. When he was in HS and I followed him and Rotnei Clark’s results, could’ve swore he was playing at Yale, LOL.