Former Oklahoma State Running Back Elijah Collins Signs with Bengals as Undrafted Free Agent

Tell me what in the hell that means joy ? If what you’re saying is true why isn’t everyone hanging a fire Gundy , Dunn in their front yard ? You and your dad seem to be the only ones complaining much about it. Your theories are warped

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It was pretty much a consensus. No one posts much on here anymore because they get tired of listening to you cry

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Nice try. Bill’s talking about conference titles and you keep making excuses for why Gundy hasn’t been able to win since 2011. We’ve got Baylor,K State and now Utah proving you don’t need to be a BB to win the conference twice but Gundy can’t do it.

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What is a 7-5 fan? Are you a 15-0 fan? I have said this before. You demand accountability, but have no means to enforce it. You have demanding high expectations, but what are the results? You cannot rid your mind of South Alabama and UCF last year. You constantly bring it up. What are you trying to prove? Those games must keep you awake at night and terrorize your dreams. Why do you take out your OSU frustrations on other fans? What do you achieve by that?


The only losers are the ones who think winning games and no championships will build a major program.

There have been plenty of people on this forum that have wanted to get rid of Dunn. You just keep ignoring it.

How about winning the games you’re supposed to? How about not waiting until disaster strikes to make changes you know were needed in the first place?

When you go into a fourth quarter game only up 13-7 against Central Arkansas that’s a time to panic and change. Not when you decide to lose 33-7 at home to South Bama.

You are the one who is obsessed with building a major program. You’re still talking about games that were played 8 months ago, not last week. Why are you telling me about those games. I watched them. I know what happened. I have zero influence over what plays to call. Who are you trying to prove this to? Do you think Dunn, Gundy or Wieberg read this site?


Everyone on this site knows about those games and what happened. No matter how upset you become. No matter how much you rant. No matter how much you demand change, your words are meaningless.


Just like in the rest of her life


Did you wake up out of your stupor jug ? Did you lose the mortgage last two out of three years since you will always pick the goons over us ? Does it make a difference in your life that KSt has two , Raplor has three ? Did you cheer for Briles ?
Were you cheering against us in 21 when we had so many injuries ? You two pathetic jackwads deserve each other Try staying home if you despise Gundy But you and your chumps in the stands couldn’t high five each other if we lose a game could you

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Sure they do if we lose a game But as soon as we start winning they never say a word unless it’s you. You are the only one that constantly biotching about two games last year that made no difference in where we ended up. You must have got a lot of participation trophies in HS for choir
Imagine you being a fan after Barry …

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I talk about them because you guys seem to never learn from them. The entire point is that we should not be losing that badly, at home, to G5 teams. Programs that want to be respected will always be remembered for their blundering losses. May not seem like a big deal to you, but I can assure you, there’s a reason Central Michigan vs OSU is one of the top 10 college football finishes of all time.

I’m sure the top 10 college football finishes of all time will continue to be remember. OSU is on that list, and not exactly in a good way :man_shrugging:.

Appalachian St beat Michigan in 2007, and the Wolverines just won the natty this past year.

CMU/OSU is not a a top ten finish of all time.

Why are you still dredging up this post?

You have to have attention.

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Thanks for proving my point. They’ve won conference titles, made CFP appearances, and won a national title. Nobody remembers a 2011 Big 12 conference title. They remember who you lost to, and how many trophies you have, and what you’ve done lately.

Honestly, I have no idea what you’re talking about anymore.


You still talk in circles, half the time you just blurt out something completely different than than what you said at one time Nobody remembers squat about what happened two years ago much less 10 years ago you idiot. You keep harping on meaningless chit that no one cared about anymore. Whatever it is you can’t change it. You’ve mentioned us getting beat by Texas in the CC like you expected us to beat them straight up. Wasn’t going to happen unless they had a bunch of turnovers. Do you really expect us or most to win every game ? If you do you’re a bigger idiot than I thought. You need a reality check

You still haven’t answered my question. Did Knowles have better RETURNING talent (All-Conference and All-American) in his first season compared to Nardo?

I haven’t mentioned that once. Actually, I mentioned that I thought we would lose. We should’ve won in 2013 and 2021. But, as always, we found a way to snatch defeated from the jaws of victory. I’ll say it again. It’s what you’ve done lately that counts.

I’ve answered your dimbass, Knowles had more talent than Nardo first year. I gave you 4 players, you give me two that you think is equal to 4 :roll_eyes:
Lord !!! Help us
Yea I’ve heard you say why don’t we have the talent to beat Texas last year. Everyone knows that answer but you